Early voting opens with a bang: 605 at Ramshead day 1

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Early voting opened with a bang Monday.

1270 early voters countywide Monday, here are totals by location: 

  • Ramshead on campus 605
  • Carrboro Town Hall 226
  • Seymour Center 243
  • BOE office in Hillsborough 168
  • Mt Zion (Cedar Grove) 28

You will be able to track locations here http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012PrimaryOne-stopTotals.pdf

(I got the Monday totals early)

By party (inlcuding last Thursday and Friday in Hillsborough:

  • D 59.4%
  • L   0.3%
  • R 12.1%
  • U 28.0%

Also, of the 377 unaffiliated voters, they chose ballots as follows:

  • Democratic primary 54%
  • Libertarian primary 1%
  • Republican primary 17%
  • took unaffiliated ballot so just voted on Amendment One: 28%




Total votes: 29


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unaffiliated allocated

If you allocate the unaffiliated based on what party ballot they chose (to see ballots cast by party primary), you get:D 74.6%L    0.6%R 16.9%U   7.9% (they got just the amendment, plus if in OCSD they got school board ballot)

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Ramshead 412 today

Early vote on area campus locations today(cumulative) Ramshead-UNC 412(1384), Duke 202(1960), NCCentral 41(407). Do not have totals for other Orange County EV sites today. The two highest precincts in the state as of yesterday were Durham 5 and Durham 2 (east and west campus at Dook). Mason Farm and Greenwood were #9 and #13 statewide.

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Love seeing college kids exercising their right to vote, and thanks to the State of North Carolina for allowing registration and voting during the early voting period.I'll be voting on Monday, maybe in Carrboro (Monuts are coming!), but probably at Ramshead to boost the numbers there to help make the case for having an on-campus site for early voting in the future.

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EV Thursday Rams 260, countywide 874

Thursday (cumulative) totals Ramshead 260 (1644), countywide 874 (4348). Orange is now #3 in state.  Statewide top voting precincts now Country Club #4, Mason Farm #7. Interestingly Pittsboro #6, and North Chatham precincts: West Williams #9, North Williams #13, Mann's Chapel #17.  #1 and #2 are Duke East and West Campus, #3 is Durham-Parkwood.

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early vote thry Monday: Orange #5 statewide

Orange is still #5 in the state through Monday with 7,814 early votes and 274 mail-ins. Top 25 precincts in the state include Country Club #9 (535), Mason Farm #12 (521), Patterson #21 (385). Top 4 statewide are all in Durham, including West Campus Durham #5 at 883, also Parkwood, East Campus and North Regional Library round out the top 4. Chatham has #5, #11, #13 and #15.

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early vote party breakdown

Here's the breakdown for early-vote and mail-in ballots for Orange County as of Tuesday based on registration of the voter:






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what are unaffiliated voters doing in the primary in the OC?

Of the 2,766 unaffiliated voters voting so far in Orange County, 1,515 (54.77%) took Democratic ballots, 367 (13.27%) took Republican ballots, 33 (1.19%) took Libertarian ballots, and 851 (30.77%) stuck with the unaffiliated ballot ( those voters got just the amendment, and the school board race in the OCSD). Interestingly, in dorm precincts like Mason Farm and Country Club, 51% of the unaffiliated voters stuck with the unaffiliated ballot, while in North Carrboro just 13% of the unaffiliated voter stuck with that ballot (In North Carrboro 66 unaffiliated took the D ballot, 6 the R, 2 a Libertarian ballot and 12 stayed with U)

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top 25 precincts Orange County EV turnout

these totals also include mail-in ballots and are as of last evening: * indicates includes some dorms·        
*Country Club 577 (South Campus and Stadium Drive dorms)·        
*Mason Farm 566 (South Campus)·        
Patterson 444·        
North Carrboro 366·        
*Greenwood 312 (North Campus)·        
Town Hall 301·        
Colonial Heights 295·        
Lions Club 291·        
Orange Grove 281·        
Weaver Dairy 279·        
Hogan Farms 276·        
Damascus 271·        
St John 268·        
Cameron Park 239·        
Carrboro 235·        
Coles Store 218·        
Kings Mill 217·        
Owasa 212·        
St Marys 211·        
Grady Brown 209·        
*East Franklin 208 (Old East, Old West, Spencer)·        
Glenwood 203·        
Northside 197·        
Estes Hills197·        
Cheeks 194

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Carrboreans united

Carrboro postal address, as of early voting Wednesday:Party of voter:D 1,024U 574R 45L 4votes cast after allocating unaffiliated who chose a party:D 1,347U 110R 78L12anyone need any other useless stats?

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final early vote stats 16,567

http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012PrimaryOne-stopTotals.sdf total 16,567 w/Carrboro tops at 4,759 and Ramshead on campus 3,998. This 16,567 is 650 less than the 2008 primary whch was an OC record, but exams at Carolina a week earlier relative to the primary than in '08. Durham broke its 2008 record by 7,100 largely with 5,550 votes cast at Duke and NC Central on campus locations. Best stat THRU THURSDAY Carrboro mailing addresses (not Carrboro precints which include lots of Chapel Hill mailing addresses) by voter of party: D 1170U 547R 54L 5this does not include for Carrboro huge Friday/Saturday totals. Those breakdowns available Monday

4 k voters at Ramshead

Seems like a no brainer to keep on campus voting as a permanent fixture of our elections, at least so long as the university's doors are still open, which I’ll imagine they will be for countless years to come (even if this general assembly isn’t too happy about it!)Thanks for sharing those numbers!

Rams Head vs. Duke

Any sense of why Duke beat UNC?  In terms of early voting, that puzzles me.  I don't know where their early voting location is, but I would guess it's no more attractive to off-campus people than Rams Head.  Assuming that's right, did they get a higher percentage of students/faculty/staff to vote?  With 6500 undergrads to UNC's 18,400 their "win" is very impressive and I wonder if there are lessons learned there? 

 And just to clarify, my interest is not in what they voted for, or how they voted, but in making early voting on campus work well for the voters, the BOE, and campus operation.

Chapel Hill keeps changing the site on the students

From the Planetarium, to that place, I don't know what to call it, downtown near Timeout, and now back on campus at Ramshead. Not that there haven't been reasons for the switches. But now that we have a location that is squarely on campus, maybe leaving it there for several elections in a row will help. Has Duke's spot been equally unstable, or have they been in one location longer? New and young voters have a steep enough learning curve even without an early voting site hot potato game going on around them.

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first time

This year is the first time Duke ever had an on campus site so there is no benchmark.  I would also say that Carrboro Town Hall is also accessible to a lot of off campus students (which voted 4000+ thios year) whereas Durham does not have a second site that is close to Duke students.

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Duke's location

Several times a day, nearly every Duke undergrad walks by the building where early voting took place.  According to my favorite Duke student*, there were people posted lots of places nearby who were encouraging students to vote right then and there were people speaking up about it in classes.  She reports that it was a constant topic of conversation. I think a higher percentage of Duke's undergrads live on campus than students at UNC but I don't know that for a fact. *Said student is my daughter, so be nice.  Don't poke the mama lion!  ;-)  

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A large number of UNC students may vote in the town they grew up in, and will be in their hometown on Election Day since exams have ended for the spring semester. Since Duke has a much higher percentage of out-of-state students, their only chance to vote against Amendment One was Early Vote at Duke. 

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early voting stats FINAL

For those of you liking to look at some detailed stats, see the final early vote stuff at: statewide http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/prim2012/ Orange County was sixth statewide in turnout, Patterson Precinct was 18th statewide. Mason Farm and Country Club do not show in the top 25 as they wound up like 28th and 29theach link has lots of age graphs, party info, etc.==============Orange County http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/prim2012/county/orange/average age in Orange was 46 compared with the statewide 57 but you can see the big grouping of 2,779 voters at age 19-22 (undergrads)biggest precincts for Orange:Patterson 850Mason Farm 715Country Club 711North Carrboro 702Hogans Farm 555 ============http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/prim2012/city/carrboro/Carrboro mailing address (not to be confused with town limits or precinct boundaries), fascinating demographics, 2,525 voters, the top of the curve is age 22-33.Carrboreans votingFemale 1,536Male 972 Carrboro Party:Dem 1650Unaff 788GOP 79Libertarian 8By party Carrboreans when counting which party unaffiliated chose:D 2163U 213R 129L 18

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Dook EV sitevotes 95% no on the amendment

For those looking forward to generational change, here's an age divide on the amendment: Duke on-campus Early Vote site yes 214 no 3847 (no 95%), NC Central (younger blacks) yes 444 no 930 (no 67%).  I don't have the Rams Head breakout yet as the official return page lumps all 5 Orange EV sites together