Early Vote Stats May 6th 2014 Primary

Early vote stats Can  be viewed at co.orange.nc.us                      Gary Kahn.


Total votes: 57


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semi-final early vote stats

early vote stats semifinal (all in-person plus mail-ins received through Sunday)http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/prim2014/county/orange/total 5,857 (12th highest in-state, 6th highest among Democrats)of voter's party registration D 72%, R 9%, L 19%, L 0.17%. allocating which party unaffiliateds chose: D 87%, R 12%, nonpartisan abllot (supreme ct + orange school board where applicable) 1%top precincts: Patterson 330, N Carrboro 270. showing total lack of interest or inconvenience factor of on-campus students (precincts with dorms, just those under age 25): Greenwood 10, Mason Farm 11, Country Club 10