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Five Early Voting Locations Announced for May 8 Primary

Subject to expected State approval, the Orange County Board of Elections has published the locations and dates/hours for early voting for the May 8 primary.

Early Voting on Campus Moves Forward: Rams Head Center

OC Elections Board chair Jim White just called me to ask my thoughts on an early voting location on campus. In fact the location that he and Matt Hughes had been kicking around turns out to be the one that I would have suggested. We talked about some logistical issues and hours (they are leaning towards 11 am to 7 pm there). The Board of Elections met at Rams Head this afternoon !

DCHC MPO sets public hearing on rail transit alternatives analysis January 11

from an email: 

CH Town Council 20 somethings Cohen - Chilton - Storrow meet at the 12/5 council meeting

I attended last night's Chapel Hill Town Council meeting, my first since 1983.  Mayor Mark K was kind enought to recognize the former council members in attendance -- me, Mark Chilton, Joe Capowski (and by the end of the meeting, Sally Greene)

Chapelboro had a great writer-up of the assemblage of 20 something council members at I won't repeat it.

Mark Chilton administered Lee's oath of office, and it was nice to meet old and new friends.

I did go back last week and check my 1973-75 campaign finance reports and Lee Storrow's 2011 report to see if any of the same people gave to both -- and I found 3: Jane Brown, Jane Stein, and Catherine DeVine.

former Carrboro Alderman Nancy White died last week

former Carrboro Alderman Nancy White died last Monday at age 89. She served on the Carrboro town board in the '70s, from her obit:
"She became active in local politics as a member of the Carrboro Community Coalition, and was a lifelong Yellow Dog Democrat. In the mid to late '70s Nancy served on the Carrboro Board of Aldermen.



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