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Elections (1406)

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office hours with Gary Kahn are  Mon -Fri 2-5 pm at Tabbacco Road Chapel Hill. in the Bar Area. to discuss campaign issues anyone might have. Thanks. Gary Kahn.P.s. Now through election day.


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As The Runoff Election Approaches, A Look Back At Our Sheriff's Forum

Early voting for the Orange County Sheriff’s Run-off between David Caldwell and Charles Blackwood kicks off this Thursday. Below are excerpted answers from Blackwood and Caldwell from the OrangePolitics’ Sheriff’s Forum.

Welcome to all of the candidates! A first question to get us started: what is your vision for how the sheriff's department will interact with the Orange County residents it protects and serves?

Blackwood: I want the Sheriff's Office to be responsive and accountable, I want to use best practices with respect to customer service. I feel we are an integral part of the community that requires and should solicit input from the citizens. The police are the people and the people are the police. We must be diverse and we must be fair. I don't like the term "transparent" because it suggests you can see through us, I want to be "open". 
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WCHL OC Sheriff's Run-Off Election Forum

07/02/2014 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm
AM 1360 or 97.9FM
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2nd primary sample ballots are out

2nd primary sample ballots are posted now

ORANGE-20140715-Style001-REP.pdf GOP 6th Congressional District (Cedar Grove, Tolars, Caldwell, Efland, Cameron Park, St. Mary's, Eno only)

ORANGE-20140715-Style002-DEM.pdf Democratic Sheriff countywide

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2nd Primary (Sheriff's Run-off)

07/15/2014 - 6:30am - 7:30pm

Information from the Orange County Board of Elections website: 

   Absentee Ballots by Mail

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2014 Primary Election Results Thread

Welcome to our 2014 Election Night Results Thread!

We're tracking the results as they come in. You can view Orange County results on the State Board of Elections website, or check out our charts below, which we will be updating as results come in.

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It's Tuesday. VOTE!

Went to our precinct today -- haven't been there in quite some time, as we've so often opted for early voting. Wow. What a lonely exercise. It worries me. We went  in ... no voters there. Ran into one person coming in as we left. If you have't voted yet -- there's still a few minutes left!  VOTE!!!
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2014 Primary Election Day Open Thread

Happy Election Day! The polls are already open across the county.

If you're voting today or visiting any polling sites, what are you seeing? Big turnout, small turnout? Issues voting? Something else? Comment and share your observations right here in our open thread.

Also, join us tonight here and on Twitter where we'll be following the results as they come in starting at 7:30pm when the polls close. 

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This Week in Orange Politics: May 5-11

While most of the county’s public bodies are taking a break for the primary elections this week, the Chapel Hill Town Council will take on Glen Lennox and meet with the county’s state legislative delegation, while the county commissioners will discuss curbside recycling and different options for expanded bus service.

Be sure and tune into our Twitter feed and homepage on election night for coverage of the results as they come in.

Here’s the full summary:


There is no meeting scheduled this week. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, May 13th.


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Primary Campaign Finance Reports Are In

The first quarter finance reports for the May primary election are in at the Board of Elections, and there are quite a few interesting things to take note of in these finance reports.

Here's the breakdown by each office:

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