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It's been a bad week for non-motorized transportation. On Monday, one pedestrian was killed on 15-501 south of town and another was injured* on West Franklin Street. And then yesterday a bus carrying the Boston College men's basketball team hit and killed a pedestrian on highway 54 near Meadowmont.

* Police say the pedestrian was at fault in this case.

Are we safe yet?

The Chapel Hill Herald reports that the Town's red light camera program, instituted almost a month ago, has brought in $2 to the Town and $48 to Affiliated Computer Systems, the company that runs the program. That is to say one person has been caught running a light and paid the $50. There was no community outcry about the scourge of red-light-runners before this program was instituted. It was sold as a revenue producer for the town.

This 12-page letter from Chapel Hill resident Will Raymond (PDF) highlights many of the problems with red light cameras. The Town has requested a response from ACS.



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