Why should I register on OP?

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All that's required to register on OrangePolitics is an e-mail address, although we also request that you share some additional information about yourself. Click here to register (or login) now.

There are many benefits to signing up. The two main ones are:

  • Post comments without moderation. (All anonymous comments are held for moderation and are displayed in gray text.)
  • Create your own blog entries and add calendar events.
But wait, there's more...

Where'd that page go? a.k.a. 404 Page not found

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Have you followed a link to OrangePolitics only to get a "Page not found" message (or this here page) instead of the blog entry you were expecting? When we moved this site from Wordpress to Drupal in January 2008, we were able to keep most of the addresses from changing. However, there are some anomalies that fell through the cracks.

Where's my profile?

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I'm making some changes to how profiles are handled to (hopefully) make them easier to use, and to require a bit of info such as name and precinct. You can see any user's profile by clicking on the name associated with a comment, event, or blog entry.

If you previously created a profile (information beyond your username and e-mail), I will be copying it over to the new profile shortly, so you probably won't even notice the difference. You can always edit your profile by clicking on the 'My account' link under your username in the sidebar.

So what's the big deal with the new platform?

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We have finally arrived at OrangePolitics, version 3! You may be wondering how the site is changing, and I hope to explain that here. The biggest change is to the entire framework of publishing - on the new site every registered user has her own blog! This comes with a few other changes, for example every new piece of content does not necessarily appear on the front page.

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