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Why Do Politicians Support the Drug War (Even The Ones Who Know It's Not Working)?

What Every Cop Should Know...

Jeff Riorden has enjoyed quite a few interesting career paths, including police officer, paramedic, and a health practitioner in the U.S. Navy before deciding to study at the Duke School of Nursing in Durham, North Carolina.

Conference on Sex Work and Drug Use in the Triangle

On Thursday, Sept 8th & Friday, Sept 9th, leaders of Southern nonprofits, human rights groups, policy makers, concerned citizens, public health officials and academics will gather to discuss drug use and sex work in the South and its implications for communities. With North Carolina having over 230,000 crack smokers and injection drug users, 17 million prescriptions for oxycodone issued for the state’s 9 million residents, and with drug overdose as NC’s 4th leading cause of death for 18-50 year olds, drug use and its effects permeate each of our communities. I recommend that anyone affected by this attend the conference. Our current policies have failed, it is time to look at new ways to address the problem. I believe Bob Scott, former Captain of the Macon County Sheriff's Office in Franklin, NC said it best:

The Need for Harm Reduction in Law Enforcement

One in three law enforcement officers in areas without harm reduction programs can expect to be pricked by a potentially infectious needle during their tenure. With the risks that officers run every day to protect our communities from harm, it’s important that community members also do their part to protect the officers, for example, through the implementation of harm reduction programs. Syringe exchange programs (SEPs) that help keep dirty  needles off our streets and parks are shown to reduce the risk of needle pricks for officers by 66%.

Corporal D.A. Jackson has served in law enforcement for over 26 years, 18 in the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department. She has seen firsthand the need for effective harm reduction programs in North Carolina and the benefits of these programs to law enforcement.



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