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As you have no doubt heard by now, we are fast approaching the very first birthday of this website. You are probably wondering how to commemorate this joyous occasion. Here are some suggestions:

Apologies for the short notice on the party - we just realized that none of the Chapel Hill Town Council members would be able to come if we held it on Monday (the actual birthday). Hopefully this time will allow us to celebrate and still go check out the myriad other cool things going on this weekend. I look forward to meeting y'all, some for the first time!


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Voter Assistance. The

Voter Assistance.

The following list of concerns/issues
are items I think voters should seriously
consider when voting . Therefore, I'm
personally asking for your write in vote
this year. I'm convinced that accountability by C.H. council AND
County commissioners is in dire need.
1. Why doesn't C.H. or Orange Co.
have district representation ?? We need it.
2. Local "fees" are NOT tax deductiale. This lets politicians brag that taxes haven't gone up. But total
local expenses have --- Far too much.
3. Why do local authorities allow
beer, soda, delivery trucks block one
LANE on Frabklin St?? One day one of the drivers is going to step out of the truck and be struck by a senior or anyone. Senior friendly ????? NO !!!
Everyones reflexes slow down as we get
4. Why does our town Mgr. have to be the single contact with Duke Power when we have those all too frequent
power losses?? I'm sure there must be
someone on staff somewhere that can
handle that rather than Mr. Horton at a
salary of $ 140k/year.
5.Why can't the C.H. council make
public, all bank account balances at the end of each fiscal year ????? This always
makes it look like there are slush funds
when one month the news reports NO
Funds avail. Next month, the money was 'found' .
My overview of the above items are
"ACCOUNTABILITY" and I would like to
represent concerned residents to address the above " ISSUES " along with
many other concerns.
I'm a 30 year resident of C.H.
I'm a retired IBMer with budget, mgm't. and 30 years experience
including IBM Division and IBM Group
Hqs. assignments.

Thank You,
George B. Snowden Sr.

Your comments are

Your comments are interesting, Mr. Snowden, but they have nothing to do with the topic under which you have posted them.

Perhaps you would like to create your own website to promote your campaign. We welcome your comments, but request that all participants try to stay roughly on topic. You may submit a guest post using the contact us page, but we do not guarantee publication.

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MR. EDITOR, I entered


I entered my comments under ELECTIONS as it concerns voters. I
think it fits there. Or is it too
Now just what do you,
mr editor, suggest I do?
If it's wrong - delete it !!!!!

George B. Snowden Sr.