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OrangePolitics is no longer actively updated.

Former editors:
Jason Baker
Travis Crayton
Erin Crouse
Molly De Marco
Jeff Miles
Damon Seils
Ruby Sinreich (Founder)

"OP's a place where candidates for office really must show up... For local progressives, and office-holder wannabees, reading OP is de rigueur."

OrangePolitics (OP) was founded by Ruby Sinreich in 2003. OP has twice won "Best Blog" from the Independent Weekly, as well as other awards and recognition. The mission of OP is to encourage residents of Orange County, North Carolina, to get involved in their community by offering progressive perspectives on local and regional issues. Active participants at OP include local elected officials, community leaders, nascent and veteran activists, and a smattering of journalists brave enough to share their thoughts online. Readers can find community dialog, heated debate, and live breaking information about a wide variety of issues.

Since 2003, we have shared breaking news, foisted both expert and novice opinions, live-blogged public meetings, hosted hot debates, and influenced many a news story. Our specialty has been highlighting local problems that might otherwise be forgotten and putting them on public agenda, but our primary goal is to get our residents (many of whom are already progressive activists) to focus on local issues where they can really have an impact.

Since 2011, OP has been led by a group of editors who help make sure the site has good content and high-quality conversations.


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