Missing Ms. Clark

It's just starting to sink in that I'll never see Rebecca Clark again.  The last I saw her was just before the holidays, and she was as strong and firm and loving as always.  I'm glad that's my last memory but regret that I didn't know her better and never followed up on my intention to take her out for lunch to just talk. 

I bet that lots of you have Ms. Clark stories and wonder if you would share them...

[Note: Long-time community activist and anchor Rebecca Clark passed away this weekend. (N&O 1/6/09) -Ed.]

Happy new year

As was noted in the OP calendar, the site will be taking vacation for about a week, starting Saturday December 27th until Sunday January 4th.  Users will be unable to post new content or comments, but everything will remain here for your historical browsing pleasure.

Have a nice week and we'll see you on January 5th!

Roofs Leaking at Local Schools

Some things you have to see for yourself to believe.
I recently took a tour of about a half dozen schools, mainly older facilities, in the Chapel Hill Carrboro school system.  Because the County Commissioners fund the school systems' budgets, it's important for me to see first hand what the parents, teachers, and school administrators are complaining about.  I took a similar tour of facilities in the Orange County School system a while back and wanted to assess the situation in the city schools.
Boy, am I glad I did.

Mayors request infrastructure project money

The N.C. Metropolitan Mayors Coalition has submitted its request for money from the federal and state governments for infrastructure projects. I’ve mapped the requests made for the town of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. No requests were made by Hillsborough.

See the raw Chapel Hill data here. See the full spreadsheet of requests here.

Bacteria in the water at Morris Grove

Why are more folks not talking about the bacteria in the water at Morris Grove Elementary? OWASA submits to test after test with the water bacteria free, so the bacteria is developing after the water leaves OWASA and is piped through the schools system. I cannot find information anywherethat states what is being done to correct this problem. Am I the only oneoutraged at this? These are our children, some getting sick from drinking tainted water.  Is there a plan in place to correct this?   



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