August 2019

List of 2019 Candidate Forums

Below is a regularly updated compilation of Candidate Forums for candidates running for Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Board, Carrboro Board of Alderpersons, Chapel Hill Town Council and Hillsborough Town Board.

*We will add new forums and details as they emerge. If you have corrections, updates, and new forums to share, please post in the comments below and we'll update this post.

Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Board of Education Forums

September 4    8:00 am     Chamber of Commerce Coffee with the Candidates, Sienna Hotel

September 30  6:30 pm     First Baptist Church Municipal + School Board Meet & Greet

October 8         3:00 pm     Carol Woods Forum, Carol Woods Assembly Hall

October 10       TBD           Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP-CHCCS PTA Council, Location TBD


Town of Carrboro

September 4     8:00 am    Chamber of Commerce Coffee with the Candidates, Sienna Hotel

September 5     6:30 pm    Climate/Equity Forum (Climate Action Coalition of Orange County, Community   

Rep. Price and impeachement

I just received this announcement from David Price. Did anyone else?

I believe that the House of Representatives must move forward with an impeachment inquiry regarding the conduct of President Donald Trump.

This will build upon the investigations of the President’s grave offenses already underway, giving these inquiries focus and the maximum ability to obtain information in the face of the president’s stonewalling and resistance.


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