BoCC races to hammer out Transit Tax Agreement before election

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At the eleventh hour, the BoCC is still working through important issues on the transit plan - including whether Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) can use the new sales tax funds for existing service. Under the current agreement, they cannot.  This is of particular concern given CHT's reliance on UNC funds and routing.  The current plan does not allow CHT to use sales tax funds to change their routes to fill in possible gaps created by changes in UNC''s routes.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! visits the Triangle

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From our own wonderful media access center, The People's Channel:

Returning to the Triangle on the coattails of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, Amy Goodman, award winning journalist and founder of Democracy Now!, will speak at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on September 8, 2012. Ms. Goodman is on a nonstop book tour as the nation prepares for the 2012 presidential election in November.

The proceeds from the event will go to benefit the local media outlets that broadcast her program; The Peoples Channel & Durham Community Media, WNCU and WCOM. The last time Ms. Goodman was last in the Triangle in 2009 she spoke to a sold out crowd benefiting the same local nonprofit media organizations. If her last visit to the Triangle is any indicator, tickets are expected to sell out fast. 


Saturday, September 8, 2012 - 7:00pm


Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 4907 Garrett Road, Durham, NC

The blurry line between blogging and journalism

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I used to think that getting paid is what differentiated The Media from blogs, but I'm increasingly not so sure about this. For example, WCHL uses a large number of unpaid interns as news reporters, and now they want some lucky "winner" to provide voice talent to promote their new FM signal

If you think YOU have the perfect voice for radio, then this is the contest for you!

Chapel Hill 2020 steamrolls ahead

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2020 collage

The Independent Weekly has a new reporter on the Orange County beat, Billy Ball. He has some enormous shoes to fill since Chapel Hill native Joe Schwartz left the paper and the country.  Ball is doing pretty well so far and asking good questions. I can't help but notice a few gaps in his knowledge of local issues, but that can be rectified with time.

In this week's article "City or Town?" Ball takes a look at Chapel Hill 2020 in advance of the draft comprehensive plan coming before the Town Council for inevitable approval on Monday. Although he doesn't ask the questions I'm most interested in now, such as how will the Town answer the many outstanding questions and gaps in the plan, I do appreciate him pointing out that "Some of its harshest criticism has come from within the committees that molded Chapel Hill 2020."

Why Carrboro Commune is neither Carrboro nor Communal

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The next few days will see the Carrboro, NC newspapers full of pictures of happy-clappy family folk merrily planting what appears to be a community garden, in peaceful protest of controlling corporatist America, and in the name of Carrboro Commune, whose stated ambition is ostensibly no more than to invite casual passers-by to partake of herbs and fragrance.


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