A GRIM Report

Guest Post by Alan McSurely

Since the press reported the massive unconstitutional domestic spying program of President Bush and Vice President Cheney 2 months ago, a spontaneous grass roots impeachment movement has taken off. One poll showed over 53% of the American people favored an impeachment investigation, over 90% of African Americans were for such an investigation, and over 24% Republicans. This belief that our two leaders have committed crimes is well grounded. The men lied to Congress to give them authority to invade a sovereign nation. Their intentional lies, mixed with their massive ignorance of the Iraqi nation and stumblebum incompetence in handling basic governmental functions has led to the murderous mayhem in Iraq that has destroyed the Nation's leaders, its culture, and tens of thousands of its children. This is a high crime.

Slow news week

Don't expect a lot of blogging between now and 2006. You should all be be spending vacation (if you are fortunate enough to have one) with your loved ones anyway.

Here are a few interesting items from all around the county this slow news week:

  • The times they are a-changing. Once picketed by preachers and denied permits by the town, PHE is now the Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce's "business of the year."
    - N&O: Naughty or nice? Shunned firm honored 
  • First porn (see above), now this. Is Hillsborough turning into Chapel Hill?
    - N&O: Pricey condos to top Hillsborough building

    Local real estate listings are featuring something never seen before in Hillsborough: $700,000 condos for sale.

    In a town where three-bedroom houses still go for $150,000, and bigger homes on an acre can be bought for less than $500,000, the condos may seem a bit pricey.

Thinking Globally...

Monday night, Jim Protzman, Mark Marcoplos, and I will present the following resolution to the Town Council. We plan to bring it subsequently to Carrboro and Orange County.

A Resolution Calling for New Federal Priorities

Bush attacks Chapel Hill?

What's with the fighter jets strafing southern Orange County this morning? The last group of them was so loud/close that it set off a car alarm in my neighborhood!

Open thread for a sunny fall day

The sun finally came out! Is anyone else having trouble concentrating with this lovely weather outside? ;-)

Here's an open-minded thread for discussion of whatever you like. Have a good weekend.



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