Friday is Buy Nothing Day

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An important announcment from our friends at Internationalist Books & Community Center:

Wondering what to do with your family after you make leftover turkey or tofurkey sandwiches? Want to avoid the crazy shopping crowds? Tired of the hyped-up holiday hooha?

Why not try Buy Nothing Day! Join us for a day free of consumer spending at Internationalist Books & Community Center.
When: Friday, November 26th, 12-5pm
Where: 405 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC

Chatham growth and quality of life

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Chapel Hill Herald, Saturday, November 20, 2004
Final Edition, Editorial Section, Page 2

For advocates of controlled growth, Election Day brought some good news. The water extension bond was narrowly defeated in northeast Chatham County. This, coupled with the election of two commission candidates backed by the Chatham Coalition, indicates a tenuous but real change of direction for Chatham.

Can We End Homelessness? continued

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There were a lot of people at the End Homelessness Roundtable this morning, enough to make a serious effort to organize more effective ways to provide appropriate levels of housing and services for those in need. One point that stuck with me was that our inability to provide comprehensive services for the chronically homeless in a coherent fashion is very expensive, probably costly enough to pay for a good program if we could focus the resources appropriately.

I Want My CHL!

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Has anyone else noticed the changes over at WCHL? “The Book show” with Kate Branch and the “Jewelry show” with Berkeley Grimbel ended long ago, and Jim Groot's “World According to Me” ended when Air America took over the nighttime hours. But as far as I can tell, the morning show with Ron and Eleanor, and D.G.'s “Look Who's Talking” are all that's left of CHL's original local programming. What happened? No more Special Hour? No more Last Word in News on the drive home?

Trouble at OWASA

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More help wanted... Carrboro will be looking for a new representative to the OWASA (Orange Water & Sewer Authority) board, after a member resigned citing internal political motives on the board. This key institution has a huge impact on our local environment, and it is governed by representatives of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County.


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