Election 2007 Maps: Chapel Hill

These are the precinct-level maps for the Chapel Hill election. The complete set is available here. As with the Carrboro election maps, the maps below are based on unofficial results published on November 8 by the Orange County Board of Elections. And thanks again to Brad for the technical wizardry.

Smith Level Road, NCDOT, Reductio Ad Absurdum

On Monday evening, 11/5, NCDOT held a "Citizens Informational Workshop" on the Smith Level Road "improvement" project. Turnout was, to be kind, sparse. Now we enter the "public comment and public hearing" phase, the last stop before the asphalt meets the roadbed. The current DOT project plan for Smith Level (the section between Rock Haven Road and the Morgan Creek bridge) could best be described as resembling MLK Blvd.

Web sites on the campaign trail

I find it interesting how local candidates have used the internet as a primary source for campaign information. I have lived in several suburbs of North Carolina cities but I have never seen local political candidates use websites for any sort of campaigning.

Have these sites made a different impact on local voters or have voters even seen the sites at all?

Election 2007 Maps: Carrboro

Here is the first round of precinct-level maps for the Carrboro election. The complete set is available here. The maps below are based on unofficial results released by the Orange County Board of Elections on the afternoon of November 7. Much credit goes to my friend Brad for helping to put these together so quickly.

There is no pundit of the year!

Well this was a very interesting year. No-one in the survey predicted Jim Ward coming first (by 7 votes!), so we have no absolute victor. In fact as a group, the averages of our predictions were off base in a few places. I guess that goes to show, that we should do more thinking for ourselves, or get out into other neighborhoods more (as I think Fred told us last time).

Preliminary results

All of the initial tallies are in except for provisional votes (those are that are cast in the wrong district but then moved to the correct district).

This is just shamelessly cut and pasted from the County web site, with a little visual augmentation by me. Check back on OP soon for some of Damon Seils' fabulous maps.

Last updated at 10:06:37 PM on 11/6/2007
37 of 38 precincts reported



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