Help save the Carrboro Greenspace

If you are interested in the Carrboro Greenspace initiative (this land is a treasure that we simply cannot afford to lose!) there are two upcoming events you are encouraged to attend.

Geography matters

Last week I created a Google map of all of the candidates in Orange County in this year's municipal and school board races.

Where is the WiFi?

At a recent council meeting the Chapel Hill IT Director presented information about a WiFi pilot project. One council member asked How will citizens know where it is? How will we know when its up? The Mayor asked the IT Director to work with the Town Information Officer. A good first step. I subscribe to the Chapel Hill eNews. (A email list.) I wonder what percentage of Chapel Hillians do?

Early voting not on campus?

Many members of the Chapel Hill community have been working for years to increase voting awareness and participation among students. All that effort might be for naught if the Orange County Board of Elections decides to move the one-stop early voting site to the new Robert and Pearl Seymour Senior Center on Homestead Road. According to the News & Observer, Morehead Planetarium will be under construction and will not be able to host the voting site.

Video: we heart Chapel Hill

A few months ago, Chapel Hill invited volunteers to appear in a student-produced video aimed at recruiting more participants for town boards and commissions. Here is the result:

Click here to play if you do not see a video above.

Home energy audits?

Next month I'll be sharing housing in Chapel Hill with a few other low-income folks. The place is nice and recent energy bills have been fairly low. But the place is fairly old, and there is at least one major problem--a very hot attic--so I'd be interested in getting an energy audit if we could afford it. Pointers to providers would be appreciated. Apologies if this is a FAQ, but casual googling and a look at the OC extension service website found nothing.



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