Carrboro Considers Annexation

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Tonight's Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting was mostly dedicated to considering a possible annexation of the various neighborhoods along the west side of Rogers Road, including the Highlands, Fox Meadow, Fox Run and other 1980's and 1990's subdivisions. The proposed annexation area also includes about half of the lots that actually front on Rogers Road - these lots are part of a neighborhood that was largely built in the 1950's and is simply known as the Rogers Road neighborhood.

A new vision for downtown Carrboro jumpstarted

Last night about 80 folks met up with representatives from Main Street Partners, the company that hopes to redevelop the lot that currently is home to the Cat's Cradle, Performance Bikes, the Artscenter, Visart, and numerous other smaller shops and stores. I was actually quite impressed with the understanding the reps showed of the community. I think they realize that this project won't fly without early community buy-in.

Save RDU

Guest Post by Jeff Vanke

Orange County relies on RDU Airport, although only Durham and Wake County citizens have a say in its operations. The Airport Authority, including more than one construction magnate, is planning to knock down Terminal C and rebuild it. The cost is $350 million, to be paid in increased parking fees. Demolition is slated to begin around December. The situation is urgent.

Local Vigil for Iraq Victims

Guest Post by Jacquie Gist

For those who may not know, MoveOn is sponsoring vigils nationwide tonight to mark the 1,000th American military death in this dirty war. Actually if you count civilian contractors, which the White House does not, the 1,000th death occured weeks ago. The vigil for our community will be at the Franklin St Post Office at 8pm today. Since we will be joining with thousands of vigils around the country it really does matter if folks show up. For more information, visit .

You Gotta Have Faith

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Last week I rounded the corner of McCauley and Merrit Mill as I have a million times before. But this time my mouth gaped open in suprise. It wasn't just the radical clearcut of what used to be Cam Hill's funky little nest. I think it was the crane that seemed to be hungrily eating the last bit of the structure left on the property. Even though I knew it was coming for at least a year, I was shocked to see this acre of mud replace what was once an attractive corner of town. It's all the more tragic because I know what's coming: a parking lot.


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