Say Goodbye to Anonymous Cowards

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Since this site started last September many of you have called for restrictions on anonymous posting. All of us involved with couldn't agree more. That's why I have been working for over two months on moving the entire site to a different blogging platform that will allow for more control over posting.

What Hapenned to Barry Jacobs?

Guest Post by Matt Compton

The facts are pretty clear. Barry Jacobs got outspent by about $41,000 on Tuesday. But I’m not so sure that was the deciding factor in the House 50 race. In fact, there were at least three other things that contributed to Barry’s poor performance everywhere north of Hillsborough, and they in turn, led him to lose the race. These are simple observations. In most cases, I don’t have scientific evidence to back up my perceptions, but I think they are valid nonetheless.

A New Superior Court Judge!

In the newly ratified version of the state appropriations bill, the Orange-Chatham Judicial District (15B) is slated to get a new, second superior court judge. Here's the language:

"The Governor shall appoint a superior court judge for the additional judgeship in Superior Court District 15B as authorized by subsection (b) of this section to serve until December 31, 2006. The successor to that judge shall be elected in the 2006 election to serve an eight-year term."

Late Breaking Coverage

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Tonight, as the results come in, please readers, come one come all to post on this thread to update everyone on what is happening around the county and comment on how the preliminary results look.

I will go over to Carrboro Town hall at 7:30 to get the preliminary results from the Town Hall precinct and will post them here. Likewise anyone with preliminary numbers from other precincts please post those numbers here (Orange County Commissioner and OC School Board numbers only, please).

What Will It All Mean?

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Today is the day. Orange County Democrat and Unaffiliated voters will decide who our next two County Commissioners are. While there is a general election in November, it is perfunctory in Orange County.

While no one can know just how this race will end, I think I can see that there are realistically only three main possibilities. Here's what they are and what they will mean:

Who's On Your List

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I'd love to hear - in a positive way - who people are voting for in tomorrow's primary. The rules: only write who you are voting for (and why, if you like). Do not refer to any candidates for whom you are not voting. If you do not follow the rules, your comments will be removed.

So, who floats your boat? Or who bugs you less than the alternative?

A Single Shot for M. Brown

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Having followed the County Commissioner campaign as closely as I know how, I just went down to Town Hall and cast a single vote for Margaret Brown. Here's why: over the past eight years, where the county has made progress, Brown has been a leader. Not just a reliable vote in support but a true leader. I know some people have trouble with Margaret's personality or style but, on a five member commission, I think you have to give such key leadership on the issues the lion's share of the weight. As to the particulars, heres what The Independent has to say:


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