Chapel Hill's/Orange County's Growth in Context

The underlying narrative of the election this year has been about growth in Chapel Hill.  Runway growth. Incredible growth.  Unprecidented growth.  Residents are nostalgic for that time 10, 20 or 30 years when the town's growth was so much slower.  

The only problem with that narrative is it isn't true. According to the UNC Carolina Population Center, if you compare the growth rates of the state's high tech counties, Orange (Chapel Hill), Durham, Wake, and Mecklenberg (Charlotte), growth rates are now historically low.  In fact, if you look at the growth rates during supposed golden age of Chapel Hill, in the 60's and 70's, the growth rate was twice what it is now. 

Even if you compare recent growth rates among the state's high tech counties, Orange has the lowest growth rate. Sure, Orange County has grown faster than counties in the middle of nowhere, but Orange is the home to a major economic driver for state, and is right next door to the other fastest growing counties as well.  

CHALT Again Distorts the Truth About Growth

The recent talk by John Quinterno has been distorted again by CHALT, somehow taking the fact that Chapel Hill and Orange County have grown the least by far of any area of the Triangle and using that as proof of the Town Council's out of control growth policy. 

This Week in Orange Politics: October 19-25

Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Orange County boards are meeting this week. Both school boards and the Hillsborough Town Board are not. Early voting starts this Thursday.

Forum Open Thread: Chapel Hill Town Council

Welcome to the open thread for the Chapel Hill Town Council candidate forum.

OP Live Candidate Forum: Chapel Hill Town Council



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