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OrangePolitics will be holding our fifth-annual live online candidate forums for the upcoming elections for Chapel Hill Town Council, Chapel Hill MayorHillsborough Town Board, and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education.

Each forum will consist of a real-time written conversation between the candidates and the moderator. Questions for the forums will be solicited from OrangePolitics readers both before and during the forums. As with our previous candidate forums, the moderator will have final say in question selection. The forums will take place online at, with one evening dedicated to each race covered.

Readers will be encouraged to observe each forum and to participate in a simultaneous, separate blog thread where they can discuss the forum and propose follow-up questions. OP editors will monitor this discussion in real time and feed readers' questions and follow-up topics to the moderator. Candidates will also be encouraged to ask each other questions and to comment on each others' responses.

You can read all of the information about this year's forums right here. Also, you can contact us through any of the following channels to suggest questions:


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