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What kind of party do you plan to throw to celebrate one year Ruby ;-)?

Did I really say, "it helps reminds people"?

The OP anniversary is highlighted in today's Chapel Hill News:


The article in today's CH News
was excellent, as was your
picture, Ruby. Congratulations!

Hey Ruby--happy one year. This site is great, although I sometimes feel as if I'm the only member of your target audience who reads this site (i.e. an activist who wants to know more about local politics)-- it usually seems like everyone here is either directly involved in local government or knows a hell of a lot about it. There is still a need for the site you originally envisioned--perhaps a colaboration of local non-profits--a little more oriented towards nitty-gritty everyday politics than indymedia.

Congrats Ruby. I've always been 'opinionated' but thanks to OP, I've been even more active and much better informed.

Terri Buckner


now you can be OPinionated instead of just opinionated.

You're right! And one day, I'll just be an informed and educated woman (loved that line in Theresa's speech).


A Happy Birthday to OrangePolitics.org!

Oh, sure the actual birth might have been on Sept 27, but we all know that at this point last year, Ruby was certainly laboring to bring forth this new life force.


Congrats to Ruby for being selected as WCHL's "Village Pride Award" winner today for creating OrangePolitics.org!.

Congrats, congrats, congrats.


p.s. Please note for the record that I am not a "local politico." I don't even know what that means.


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