UNC delaying Carolina North report

Members of Chapel Hill's Horace Williams Advisory Commitee were notified last week that the University is postponing the release of their current plans for Carolina North for "about 6-7 weeks." The report that was scheduled to be released this week is now expected to be made public in late November. The reason stated is that they simply aren't ready and want more time to work on the plan. I can't help but wonder what other factors might be at work. Anyone care to comment?



Maybe they delayed the report because they understand putting house boats on Bolin Creek and a draw bridge over it, won't go over well and ASG had to redraw the plans?

I think it will be released the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, with a Q&A session in December (maybe Christmas time) filed for application in January. They want to make sure with all the parents pre-occupied with school merger and the upcoming holidays they get lots of public feedback on the project.


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