Breakfast Club Endorsements

The Hank Anderson Breakfast Club's endorsements were published in the Chapel Hill Herald on Monday.

The Breakfast Club endorsed Joal Broun, Alex Zaffron, and Mark Chilton in Carrboro; Elizabeth Carter, Gloria Faley, and Ed Sechrest for School Board; Thatcher Freund, Sally Greene, Bill Strom, and Jim Ward in Chapel Hill. They also endorsed both incumbent Mayors.

The Breakfast Club pretty much contains the leadership of the local NAACP, so this tell us where they stand. Sadly, they don't pull many votes in local elections. But they do know how to get things done. I wonder why didn't do a "South Orange Black Caucus" endorsement as they have in the past?

The only surprise for me was that they endorsed Thatcher Freund instead of Cam Hill. Thatcher's pretty progressive, but I think Cam's got a much better understanding of Northside's issues since he lives near it, and has a working-class background. I guess they were more impressed by Thacher's politics than by Cam's residency.



Whoa. Ruby demonstrates a pretty serious gaffe here when she assumes that all African-Americans in Chapel Hill live in Northside and are working class. Or is Ruby a typical liberal white girl who hasn't examined herself lately? Hey, would someone tell Ruby that the African-American community cannot be reduced to a stereotype? I think Ruby needs some education and a serious apology to the Anderson Breakfast Club, whose members do not all live in Northside.

Hi Dorothy. Who's assuming what, now? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been a member of the Breakfast Club for a few years longer than you have (or at least I've never seen you there).

Are you calling me a racist? Or saying that I'm overly focused on my own neighborhood's (Northside's) interests? If so, that would make me a pretty typical Chapel Hillian, not unlike yourself.

I'm really glad you're posting here, and disagreement is welcome - if not encouraged! But I think it would be more productive to talk about the issues instead of trying to accuse or insult me.

A big round of applause for Chapel Hill Town Council Member Dorothy Verkerk, everybody! She'll be here all week! Try the veal!

(At least Ms. Verkerk has the guts not to post anonymously.)

Hey, isn't Al McSurely in the Breakfast Club? He's got the season's most-entertaining endorsement letter (of Cam Hill) in today's paper.

Dorothy, the only thing that Ruby's comment implied is that Northside issues are issues of concern to the NAACP. The fact is that Northside was a significant part of the discussion at the NAACP forum. So how do you not see Northside as one of that group's issues?

This Dorothy is not Ms. Verkerk, is it? C'mon.

-mark chilton

Anyone can pretend to be Dorothy Verkerk, right? Check out the email address I listed for this post.

-mark chilton

Yeah, but why?

Well, damn. If it is the case that it was not Dorothy Verkerk, then I apologize. And if this is the case, then the original "Dorothy" needs to be banned from posting. Is there a way of automatically sending a copy of a post to the listed e-mail address? If it bounces back, it doesn't get posted, and if it's an impostor the person they're impersonating would be quickly notified and could correct the record.

These posting issues are really starting to disturb me. The potential for dirty tricks could conceivably outweigh the benefit of having an open and unmoderated exchange.

Dorothy Verkerk acknowledged that she is the author of that post in a private email to me. So I withdraw the suggestion that she did not write it.

-Mark Chilton


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