C.L.C. "Musical Chairs Forum" 10/19

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Citizens for Livable Communities (CLC) will hold a "Musical Chairs Forum" on Sunday, October 19, from 2 - 4 pm in the large meeting room at the Chapel Hill Library.

A "musical chairs" format was very successful and fun two years ago. We are doing it again. This format will provide citizens a unique small group opportunity for local residents to ask questions in a non-intimidating setting and for the candidate to explain his or her views. Candidates will visit each table for a stated period of time. Unlike musical chairs there will always be a seat for the candidate.

Please refer questions to Kristina Ahlen, 485- 7722 or Julie McClintock, 541-5339, or reply to this e-mail.

The Citizens for Livable Communities Organizing Committee

CLC promotes livable communities through citizen involvement, dialogue and advocacy.



The CLC Forum was my favorite forum in 2001. Cam, it's very well suited to your style -- i.e. your interest in being direct, responsive and truthful. The questions come directly from citizens and allow you to respond directly to the insipidness being spewed by some of your competitors, as long as you're in their small group.

Given that each and every candidate (literally) says they are for neighborhood preservation I would really love to pin them down on the question of what happens when Carolina North wants to put in new paved traffic corridors into residential neighborhoods e.g. into Homestead Road (opposite Vineyard Square at Weaver Dairy extension). The residents won't want it and it will have a ripple effect on other neighborhoods and possibly accelerate the widening of both Homestead and Weaver dairy extension at the point of this intersection.

Which candidates would sign a pledge to vote against the creation of new traffic corridors, even if the University makes threats to get rid of Town zoning authority?


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