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I missed this, maybe you didn't. Daily Tarheel story about this web site, "Orangepolitics.org -- hip, no frills, and far from balanced?"


Weird, I did miss it. I played phone tag with this reporter for a few days, but never talked to him. I didn't realize they had run the article until I googled "orangepolitics" earlier today.

I sort of like their characterization of us (as summarized by Mark): "hip, no frills, and far from balanced." Maybe that should be our new tagline!

A quote from the above mentioned article,

"While far from a balanced presentation of local issues, these resources have the potential to attract more people to the political process and ideally encourage them to get more involved in local affairs.

Orangepolitics.org is a hip, no frills outlet that I hope will grow."

IMHO- Any human attempt at "balance" in news reporting is a lie, clearly stated positions are honest no matter how diverse, and accuracy exists in the eyes of the beholder(s).


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