Follow the Money

The Chapel Hill News and the Chapel Hill Herald are reporting on the latest round of campaign spending reports. Both articles also highlight the donor trends, like Dianne Bachman's support from UNC officials and local developers. I swear she's her own worst enemy.

You can compare these figures to last month's reports. Also, here's the list of contributors in this reporting period.



The DTH to the rescue.

While the Chapel Hill News mentioned Bachman's funding issues, the HeraldSun played them down. The DTH has two articles that mention the controversy and, at least, set the stage for further questions on the propiety of these contributions (especially considering Bachman's continued attempts to portray herself as independent).



CHNews (specific contributors):

CHNews (summary, Juliano $7,8144,140!):


I especially love the HeraldSun's slant, emphasizing "Greene raises most money among Chapel Hill council candidates" instead of "Bachman spends the most, $8,871". Amazing.


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