Happy Birthday to Us...

OrangePolitics.org is one month old today. Thanks for reading... and writing!

I am really thrilled with the level of community engagement we've seen here, and I think we can do even more! If you have any suggestions for the site, please let us know with your comments. Anything from design ideas, to feature suggestions, to new topics... your ideas are all welcome.


Ruby, you've done a wonderful thing! I love this site now and am really looking forward to using it after the election to express delirious gratitude or seriously sour grapes......

Good column by Dan in oday's CHH on the site! Maybe it will bring more people here who will participate.

I wonder if he really meant to out "gregor samsa" in the column? Hey Paul, what would Kafka say and do?

Wish I were Gregor Samsa, I'd have more arms to help pound signs. I've only posted to this list once (the same post twice if you were looking before Ruby helped me out). Plus Gregor, or at least one of the Gregors is more wittier that me.

Hey, maybe there should be more Gregor Samsa's. I volunteer to be the third at least.

Anonymous posting should remain for now. We have mostly gotten interesting information from anonymous posters, I think. There have been a few wild accusations thrown around by anonymous posters, but not too much. Further, only a jackass would read an anonymous post on here and take it as absolute fact. The anonymous nature of it makes it questionable (but not necessarily dismissable).

What is more disturbing is the fraudulently attributed post.

-Gregor Samsa III

anonymous = no signature

pseudonymous = obviously false signature

forgery = false signature of another person


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