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Hey folks. I don't plan to make a regular habit of this, but as you can imagine a significant investment of my time and money has gone into the contruction of this web site - not to mention the time and energy of the the authors.

Just in case you would like to make a concrete demonstration of your appreciation of our efforts, here are a few ways you can help:

Also, I'm intersted to hear if readers would be interested in any value-added services for a small fee (or maybe for free). For example, a weekly e-mail summarizing and linking to posts. Or a fundraising event, or a Meetup.


You could also suddenly start supporting Red Light Cameras.

That got nice campaign contributions for PA House Speaker Perzel and Philadelphia Mayor Street

It also worked for Candidate George W Bush

Just do some Red Light research as Dianne Bachman must have done before she issued her press release supporting Affiliated Computer Services' Red Light Cameras in Chapel Hill

Perhaps she learned about the suspicious contributions that ACS has given in Washington

and in Florida

and that's just a few minutes of research.

Calling on investigative reporters! Calling on Bachman to reveal ALL her campaign contributors! Calling on CAN to reveal its sources of income! Calling on ACS to report who their lobbyists are in North Carolina!

Will we wise up and open up as they have in Honolulu!

So now there are multiple Gregors as well. So much for annonymous postings.

Like I said to "Incognito," you could avoid confusion by using your own names... ;-}

Another money saving idea: Recycling

Jim Ward just recycled a four-year old press release in which he calls for a neighborhood laison. In four years, he never mentioned it in Council, but now it's a bold new idea! And the Herald which seems to have no sense of history played along.

Hey, Rob! How about looking at Ward's promises from his last run. You might be able to get a scoop on his next bold new idea.

Commenting in order to push this back to the top of the recent comments list.

Challenge: In support of the recent recognition by the INDY , let's really give Ruby a pat on the back and each make a small donation to the hosting of the site.

Usually I take it for granted, and sometimes it irks me, but OP has provided many of us opportunities to learn and to persuade that we would not otherwise have. This technical lapse has led me to make a contribution (although I'm having perhaps related problems getting that to work).

Thanks, Jeff! I think the best way to do it it is with the "Support this site" link at the bottom of the right side of the front page. That gives a donation directly to our ISP ( ) to cover our the cost of hosting .

If you want to make a contribution to support my time spent on this, you can send a donation to editor(AT)orangepolitics(DOT)org. Thanks again!


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