Public Hearing on principles for Carolina North

Tonight the Chapel Hill Town Council will hold a public hearing on the Horace William's Committee's recommendations for the land that will be Carolina North. This is a great opportunity for residents to encourage the Council to take a stronger stand in protecting the Town during the inevitable development of Carolina North - the biggest single development we've ever seen in Orange County.

The meeting takes place in the Council Chambers at 306 North Columbia Street at 7 pm. This is one of the first items on the agenda, so please be prompt!



maybe we'll learn what a state of the art transportation system is! and what the heck is a "rapid fire bus system"? is it being used in Iraq?

I think Bachman's "rapid fire bus system" is, as envisioned by her, to be built along the lines of the bullet train in Tokyo. Don't you think that would make sense, gregor, since Dianne's the mouthpiece of UNC's underhanded Tokyo Rose-style campaign aimed at us unwitting townfolk.

FLASH! At tonight's Council meeting, Bachman actually admits "transportation is not really my thing."

This after building her campaign on "state of the art transportation system" without ever defining it.

You heard it there first. But you heard it here second. Were you listening Anne Blythe?

I took all these notes at the meeting last night, but the Chapel Hill Herald summed it up pretty well in this article:

Other than Cam and Sally, the candidates who spoke were merely there to "acknowledge the obvious" (in the words of Dianne Bachman). They proposed things that are already in the plan, like fixed-guideway transit to Carolina North. Some folks could figure this out by reading it, but as Bachman pointed out, she doesn't know much about transportation.

I thought it was pretty funny how Tony Waldroup from UNC stood up and gave his typical spiel, offering almost no information at all, and thought he'd be done. Thanks to Flicka, Ed, Edith, and even Pat for asking questions. Still, ya can't get milk from a stone.

Oh also, Bachman emphasized that it's REALLY important that the words "state-of-the-art" appear in the Horace Williams Citizens' Committee report. What the hell is she talking about?


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