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The Independent Weekly published a trio of articles about Chapel Hill and Carrboro Races this week.

The articles are good. I appreciated coverage of Dianne Bachman's uncomfortable position, but I think calling it a "conflict of interest" really misses the mark. It's more like a conflict of perspective or conflict of loyalty. They also failed to look past her campaign slogans to investigate where her ideas came from and whether she actually understands them.

I was a little disappointed to see that even with Kirk Ross' article about signs so clearly inspired by Duncan Murrell's post here on the same subject, and even though the Indy writers are reading our site regularly, they didn't see fit to publish our URL for their readers. Maybe in a future issue...



Wonder if they'll do movie preference reviews next!

Yes there are many more problems that Bachman's work position such as her habit of PR-issued half-truths and craven misleading of voters. Her campaign spending should be an issue!

[Just reminding you with this repost bit]

The Bachman Buck doesn't stop at her UNC conflicts or with her combative boss Bruce.

Let's look at where her truths stop [then move on]:

"I have no part of Carolina North" [but I have plenty to do with expansion on the existing campus]

"As a parent of school age children, I oppose the merger" [but my kids are in a private school]

"I invited 2500 people to my own special forum" [but only 25 showed up]

"I propose a state of the art transportation solution" [but don't expect me to tell you what the heck that is]

"I am a trained architect" [but I work doing construction oversight so don't mistake me for a creative]

Just for starters.

For the record, Kirk Ross tells me he was planning the article about yard signs before he ever read Duncan's article about it here on Now you know.

And also for the record, I was on Dauphin Island, Alabama, all last week and most of the week before, and so I hadn't read Kirk's article until just now. Knowing the amount of time he's spent in Chapel Hill covering politics, and having followed his writing for years, I'm certain it was a coincidence. It's impossible to ignore the signs, they're f-ing everywhere.

Speaking of signs, now Rudy Juliano has a sign proclaiming that he's not _that_ Rudy, which I think is both hilarious and disturbing evidence that Mr. Juliano is spending way too much of his own money on his campaign. Someone get that man a financial advisor! Slow down, Rudy, we saw your name the first 737 times on 15-501, we get the point.

Also, Mike McSwain has upgraded his signs, and they look pretty good. His signs don't have that DIY edge going for them anymore, but at least you can read them.

The best signs by far are Chilton's.......a sort of kindergarten leaf ironing lamination affair, they appear to be a limited addition that will become a collector's item. There aren't many and they are hard to spot but worth looking for....

Another sign thought: The signs at Estes and Airport have been vandalized several times. We put 'em up, someone knocks 'em down. If you've invested time and money to express your constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of speech, the vandalism is irritating. Maybe we (the candidates) should approach ACS (Affiliated Computer Services), the "Safelight" providers, for assistance? Their cameras might have photographed the vandals. Violating the culprits' civil liberties (using the cameras) is acceptable once they've violated mine (vandalizing my signs), dammit. Plus ACS would love to suck up to all of us.......

Thanks, Cam. Those damn things cost me like $3 a piece, so for sure there are not that many of them. I am seeking to demonstrate that there is no relationship between winning and having crap loads of signs. Rudy Juliano is seeking to prove the same point, but by approaching the project from a different angle.

-Mark Chilton

Thanks Duncan, Glad you could read them this time around. And for the record, those homemade signs were the most expensive pizza boxes I've ever bought.


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