Carrboro Mayor to Retire

I've heard this before so I'll believe this when I see it. The Chapel Hill Herald reports that Mike Nelson began his fifth term as Mayor of Carrboro by announcing it would be his last.

The reporter gives more free press to Jeff Vanke, who had already pledged to run in 2005, but apparently she couldn't be bothered to get the opinion of anyone else in town about who else might be a candidate. Maybe this go-round Vanke will file in time to get his name on the ballot, but he certainly won't be the only one.

Who you would you like to see on that ballot?



I guess people are too choked up to comment on this. This is the first post on OP that went nearly a day without feedback. Silence speaks volumes on this issue.

Silence may speak volumes, but what does it say?

It says (to my idealistic mind) that there are already candidates-in-waiting who don't want to turn the next two years into a permanent campaign, which I'm inclined to find honorable. I'm certainly interested in handicapping the race, and I think it will be a vigorous and worthwhile debate, but I fear the permanent campaign in local politics as much as in state & federal.


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