Don't be Bored, be on a Board

Hey all you civically engaged readers, here's a public service announcement for you. (Heads up, students.) There are a number of openings on Chapel Hill's advisory boards. I know the County is seeking someone who lives in the ETJ for the Chapel Hill Planning Board, as well a bunch of other positions on boards and commisions. Hillsborough lists their boards and you can see their recent agendas.

Of course Carrboro has openings as well. (Ooops, looks like their site is due for an update. It says "The Town of Carrboro is now accepting applications for its advisory boards for terms expiring in February 2003.") You can even help expand free wireless Internet access all over town!

Download or fill-in applications from Chapel Hill (PDF), Carrboro (PDF), Hillsborough (web), or Orange County (web) (or PDF) and get to work!



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