Got Cabin Fever?

Come on down at 7 pm to the postponed Chapel Hill Town Council meeting and warm up with lots of hot items on the agenda. (Sorry I'm getting a little giddy, I haven't been out of the house in a while.)

I still can't access the Town web site so I can't link to the agenda, but I know they will discuss red light cameras (hopefully ditching them), the latest report from the Horace Williams Citizens Commitee (hopefully adopting it), appointing someone to the Planning Board (hopefully Donna), and much much more. Come say "hi" to new Assistant Town Manager Bruce Heflin! He got out of public works just in time. ;}



Thanks Will. My email has been sent!

Hey my street just got plowed 10 minutes ago! (And I live downtown.) But I still won't drive on this icy stuff, so I'll be walking up to the Council meeting.

Hang in there, Melanie.

Seems like I recall seeing an email address (on the website!) to use for contacting the town council. I still can't get out of my driveway but would like to write to the council about the RLC situation. Anyone know the address?

Cal Horton must be a Duke Fan--isn't the Carolina/State game tonight? I still can't get out of my street--and by meeting time it will be re-freezing--so I won't be there--but (with luck!) it will give me something to watch on cable while my boys are watching BBAll!

One could ice-skate on my street. I hope the plow/grader show up this afternoon! I learned to drive in Cleveland's snow belt--but even I won't try THAT mess!



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