Great Student Conference in Chapel Hill

I've been to it before, it's a very energizing experience! Check it out:

2004 SURGE Conference:
"It takes a lot of little people to make a BIG DIFFERENCE"
on February 6-8th at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!!

We now have a list of the confirmed speakers and workshop leaders on our website at .

These times call for unprecedented cooperation from all organizations dedicated to justice and peace! Join over 100 student activists already registered for this February weekend hosted by SURGE, Students United for a Responsible Global Environment, and scores of other groups, so that we can build a strong movement! We will have educational and training workshops, great speakers, music, delicious meals, and networking sessions to make sure that we stay linked after the weekend is over.

Registration Fee only $10*
(*includes housing and food, negotiable based on need)

register online at




They're not commies they're Watermelons. sheesh.


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