It Ain't Illegal Yet

Peggy Misch has a posse... and they're keeping the heat on local leaders to resist the Bush Administration's attempts to dismantle civil rights and liberties. In addition to the county Democratic Party, they're talking about taking their resolution to Hillsborough. It has already been passed by the governing bodies of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Orange County as well an the N.C. Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Orange County civil liberties activists are working to make a resolution opposing the USA PATRIOT Act component of the official platform of the county's Democratic Party.

The Orange County Bill of Rights Defense committee agreed at a meeting Thursday to begin rallying support for the resolution before local Democratic precincts hold their meetings March 9.
- Daily Tarheel, 2/20/04



I think Rep. Price was 23 and living in New Haven, CT, when the Speaker Ban Law passed the Legislature.

Anyway, Todd, aside from the civil liberties questions, it turns out that the Patriot Act is, at the local level, one of those kinds of laws real conservatives hate -- an unfunded mandate. Local governments and businesses have spent untold billions complying with various aspects of the Patriot Act, while our president has reneged on his promise to fully fund enforcement. Conservatives, however wrongheaded, always used to have the decency to acknowledge that you've got to pony up when you've promised.

But there are no real conservatives left, sadly. You could always count on them for a decent argument, and you usually knew where they stood, even if it was on the other side. The so-called "conservatives" in the White House have revealed themselves as big-spending kleptocrats who have been feeding at the government trough their entire lives:

The last attempted speaker ban at UNC was Ann Coulter last year. If the Federalist Society had not been such great fund-raisers--the ban would have succeeded.

Paul, Congressman Price votes for lots of things I detest. Are you assuming someone here supports him? I don't see what bearing that has on this discussion.

Todd, if I decline to buy you a beer, does that mean I am prohibiting you from drinking? What a fascist I must be. (Of course, we already know I am a "censor" so it's no surprise.)

I thought David Price passed that law?


This is a complete waste of time. If the Feds do not get cooperation from the county or town law enforcement when trying to enforece the Patriot Act to track down a terrorist suspect, they will do the job themselves. Do you really think the FBI needs Carrboro Police to investigate potential threats? Let's hope not.

I hope all you suspected terrorists out there feel you have well protected civil rights, brought to you by your local and county government.

It's great to live in a place that changes laws, to disobey Federal laws. As Jesse said, "NC does not need a Zoo, we could just put a fence around Chapel Hill and charge admission".


Yeah, Todd, you and Jesse are here to protect us just like your ilk were when they passed the Speaker Ban Law. "We're from the Government and we're to help you."



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