Let It Snow?

So the National Weather Service is forecasting an inch overnight and then two to four inches Thursday.

I know most people don't think of me as very Southern, but

  1. I have lived in North Carolina for 22 of my 32 years, and
  2. I HATE snow!

When will this madness end?



Chakra, didn't she used to sing with Rufus? ;-)

chakra: - Sanskrit term denoting one of seven major energy centers situated along the spine, plus scores of minor centers throughout the body. These correspond roughly to the nerve junctions ('little brains') where nerves from every part of the body join the spinal cord. Many Indian and Chinese modalities, especially acupuncture, focus on re-establishing the free flow of energy throughout the chakras.


God did not mean for man to live out of the sight of palm trees.

However, one upside of snow is that we are not susceptible to tropical depression.

At the risk of sounded "ignorant" what is a "chakra"?

It's an energy center in the body. According to eastern medicine, there are several running down the center of your body from the top of your head to your groin.


Global weirding predictions are that the Southeast will experience more cold wionters & more snowfall as global climate change continues.

And I have to agree with Dan. During the last snowstorm, I lost one of my chakras in my parka.


The problem, as I see it, is that snow is not conducive to the spiritual life. Consider that all the great world religions were born in warm climates. Warmth gave us Jesus and Mohammed. Snow gave us John Calvin and Joseph Smith. And note the flourishing of Tibetan Buddhism since the lamas were kicked out of Tibet.

One dilemma remains: without snow, would we still ahve sno-caps?

Apparently it will end today! I just wish forecasters would quit predicting snow for Thursdays...Wednesday is my regular Harris Teeter (as opposed to my Whole Foods)shopping day. It was scary there yesterday...

I'm just glad my kid had SCHOOL.



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