Springtime for Hitler in Raleigh?

Not quite. About 30 Nazi's came to Raleigh on Sunday to visit with their KKK pals. I'm proud that the opposition was led and populated largely by people from Orange County. The N & O put the ratio at about 20 protesters per Nazi.

The white supremacists marched onto the Capitol grounds to furious shouts from the protesters. Several wore brown uniforms reminiscent of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Three others donned Ku Klux Klan robes.

About a half-dozen speakers cited a wide range of complaints including interracial marriage, the war in Iraq and what they said was Jewish control of the media.- Raleigh N&O, 2/22/04

I guess you can add OrangePolitics to the list of Jewish-run media. Look out, I'm taking over!

What's amazing to me is that these guys are their own worst enemy, I mean look at their propaganda. I'd like to sit them down in front of Dave Chapelle for a few hours. Oops, someone already did.



Yeah, nothing like a bunch of people you disagree with getting their "heads bashed in" by government employed thugs. Goes on in the 3rd world every day.

Truly, the only responsible antidote to KKK and Nazi groups is to discredit them. By marginalizing them, you only create more fringe fanatics eager to commit ever greater crimes for the sake of attention.

Most of what these groups go on and on about may be peurile and based on ignorance. However, their beef about illegal immigration has legs. Our country cannot continue to be a welfare state with porous borders, Greenspan's speech yesterday is merely the tip of a really ugly iceberg that no one in DC wants to take on.

BTW--My opinion on the issue of immigration is that newcomers should be welcome, but first, we must restore private property rights and abolish the welfare state, including social security. If you do one without the other, it is going to be a disaster. But I don't think sealed borders is a realistic approach, so there you have it.

I think miscreants like them should be totally ignored when they demonstrate. Let them listen to their bullshit echo off the empty streets.



I agree with your comments. I remember in the early 1990s when the KKK marched down Franklin St. and it was completely vacant. The local papers, if I remember correctly, didn't even bother to send out a photographer — it warmed my heart that the bastards were denied the legitimate press coverage they and their filthy ilk desire. However, with the Raleigh incident I thought it was rather amusing that the same people who pledged to "stand with ONE UNITED FIST against those who would rob of us our heritage" (see Ruby's link above - if you can stomach it) were at the mercy of a diverse, heavily Black police force to keep them from getting their melons bashed in. That scenario seemed to throw their hackneyed ideology back in their faces — the people with the backbone to protect their right to spew ignorant horse shit in public are the same people they vilify. If listening to themselves doesn't make those hatemongers think of themselves as ridiculous asshats, then maybe things of this nature will.

BTW — Ruby, thank you for this website. Not only is it a great asset to the town, but another piece of the meshugenah media that can call out Nazi scum for what they are.



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