Get Registered!

Guest Post by Blaise Strenn

North Carolina will have a Presidential preference county caucus on April 17th. Participation in this caucus will be for Democrats only. You must be registered as a Democrat by April 9th to vote in this caucus.

There is an updated form available at the State Board of Election site: Click on voter registration, Changing your Information, then North Carolina Voter Registration Application/Change of Information Form.

This will open a PDF file you can print out. You must get this form to your county's Board of Elections by the end of Friday; postmarked on Friday will not work. If you plan handing the form in on Friday, please call to check their hours for it is Good Friday.

It is very important to not use an old form, it will not be accepted. You must use the updated form from this website or the new form you would get at the county BOE office.

For caucus sites state wide see: Registered Democrats can vote in any county in North Carolina.

Blaise Strenn was the chair of the successful Howard Dean petition effort in North Carolina. He is a Wake county precinct chair and has just accepted the volunteer position of Chair of the Communication committee of the Wake County Democrats.



hahahah---'successful' Howeird Dean

Speaking of registering, Carrboro Alderman John Herrarra wants non-citizens who are legal permanent residents of the U.S. to be able to register and vote!


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