Rock On, Glenn

Great news for music lovers in Chapel Hill! Long-time WXYC DJ and indie rock afficionado Glenn Boothe has bought the Local 506.

Glenn Boothe, who has worked for major labels including Epic and Island, will take over as [Local 506's] new owner on Saturday (pending various permit and license issues). But patrons won't notice much difference, at least at first.

"My goal is to keep the doors open and operating as-is, then make some gradual changes this summer," Boothe says. "I'm not sure what or when, but I've got a bunch of ideas. Musically, it will still cater to alternative and local music."- News & Observer, 4/29/04

I've been going to the 506 since it was Margaret's Rock and Roll Cafe in the mid-90's. It's a great venue, but it tends to be incredibly smoky, and has long stretches of bands I'm not interested in. I wonder if we could convince Glenn to follow the Cat's Cradle's lead and go smoke-free?

Glenn knows the music biz inside and out, he's connected to the local music community, and he's also a well-qualified businessman. Him taking over Local 506 should be good for anyone who likes independent music, especially indie rock and punk pop (to which I think Glenn is partial).



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