Town Embraces After Chill

For years, young black folks (mostly from Durham, we're told) have been congregating on the streets after Apple Chill. This wouldn't be a problem except that they clog the streets with their cruising, and they tend to get into fights with each other. Guns have been pulled more than once.

Making 'After Chill' a Town-sanctioned event should be a very effective way to make it uncool and therefore totally unappealing to young folks. Will the kids just find someplace cooler to hang out, or will this dissipate their energy? Either way, it will increase the safety of our strets in Chapel Hill. Kudos to Apple Chill for this effective response.


Sorry, I didn't mean to sound THAT negative! I actually think it's a good idea to support it rather than fight it. I just can't picture the kind of folks who I usually see at After Chill digging it if they know it's now an official Town of Chapel Hill event.

My husband and I totally forgot that Apple Chill/After Chill was happening on Sunday. We went downtown to eat, found ourselves in the After Chill festivities, and wound up having a really fun time. We stayed for about an hour looking at the cars and motorcycles, and listening to a very good band. It seems that everything went well according to the paper today.

Apple Chill didn't go as well as the paper reported. A police officer friend of mine pulled over and arrested a couple of guys from out of town, carrying guns openly. He told me later he saw the article in the paper couldn't believe the way Apple Chill was being portrayed.

haha this is a good one Ruby.

Could we downshift the cynicism a bit? Yes, I'm sure there will be bumps in the road, but isn't it worthwhile to try finding a way to respect what's already going on?

I, personally, like a tricked-out car. Don't own one, never will. But when I see a machine that has scores of hours of somebody's sweat in it, I respect their investment. If you're sure it's not beautiful, then behold something else for a while. "After Chill" is one evening, so let's... (sorry, had to) chill.


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