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Many of us have lamented the inability to force commenters to register here. I have been looking forward to the new version of MovableType (the software that powers this site) because it includes a comment registration system called TypeKey. Since is a community service written and managed entirely by volunteers, it's obviously important that the software has been free for us to use.

Well that new software was finally released this month, but the free version is now limited to only one author. We currently have about half a dozen authors, and hope to add more someday. So this pricing change present a serious barrier to upgrading. Especially since we hope to syndicate the model of this site for other communities. ( anyone?) With the current version of the software we're using, I can expand this way without limit.

It sounds like the folks at MovableType are reconsidering this new price structure. I am also considering - gasp - changing platforms!


Paul Jones recommended for the trust features in an earlier discussion:

FWIW, I love the customization Ruby has made to MT on this site. It's the most usable of all the blogs I've reviewed. Ruby, if you move to another platform, I hope you will retain the design from this site.

I was recommending the code that runs /. It's open source and flexible. It is designed for multiple authors and allows rating and ranking of postings etc.

it's robust (more so the MT) mature and free (sounds a lot like me). But you will put some sweat into it. Still i believe you know enough good geeks to make it happen.

Here's an overview of the alternatives:


When I switched to TypePad which is by Moveable Type, it took me TONS of wasted time to move the date over from just a few months of the old way.

I would stick with MT...they have won the most awards and acclaim.

Have you considered blogads?


I'm switching my blogs from MT and Typepad to the new Textpattern. I've got a discount or two with MT that I might be able to donate, to reduce the cost of MT3.0 for you. I'll send you more about this by e-mail.

Hi Ruby,

I recently discovered the site, and I've been reading along ever since. I thought I'd suggest some alternatives for MT in case you'd rather not pay the fee. It's a nice blogging tool, and widely used, but it does have it's limits.

You might have already considered this, but I'll suggest the group blog Metafilter( as another possible model for Freefilter (

is an open source product based on the original code, and other similar clones are listed on Metafilter's 'etc.' page.

Beyond that, there are also several bulletin board-style tools available (such as PhpBB) that might serve your purposes as well.

In any case, thanks for your efforts- Keep up the great work!

Put me down for $10.


Thanks for the support y'all. We may need it. We don't have to make any technological changes right now, so this isn't an urgent problem. It's more of an objection to the priciple.

However, the problem with submitting.refreshing comments (I'm sure you've all noticed this) is a pressing issue. My web host tells me this is MoveableType's fault (because we have SO many comments), but I haven't put this to MT for a rebuttal yet.

Even if we could get the money together to cover upgrading this site to MT 3.0, we would then be in the position of having to fundraise just to establish the site in other communities. I just prefer the model that offers it as a free community resource. Although it would be really amazing if I (or someone) could even paid to manage the site someday so I could stop stealing time from my gracious employer.

However, if you're still feeling generous, you can always dontate to support the cost of web hosting for the site (a steal at about $120/year) at

Or you can give a general donation to me for my time. I promise not to spend it on crack. ;-}

Ruby, I'd be happy to contribute to the 13-author licensing version. For the rest of you, it's $150--can we get 15 people to donate $10 each?


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