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I don't know how, but the bug Terri found appears to have healed itself.

BTW, there is at least one other bug that I have spotted so far. It's pretty minor. Can anyone find it?

Sorry for posting the bug report on the commenting thread....

Just noticed that you are now listing the moderators and their associated threads. They are all male....seems like a bug to me. :)

Heh, good point, Terri.

Regarding your comment at http://wp.orangepolitics.org/index.php?p=511#comment-9100
You are right about the bug that shows comments in "Hot Topics" before they have been verified (or deleted by an administrator). This is something we will probably have to live with for the moment. But I will contact the guy who wrote the piece of code that makes the "Hot Topics" and see if there's anything I can do.

I had trouble posting earlier--got an error message when I tried to verify. E-mailed Ruby--am wondering why it healed itself?


I am knocking on wood as I type this... but at the moment everything appears to be working. (Although not quite right, but close enough.)

I just want to remind people that even if you have problems with your comment authorization e-mail, your comment is not lost. It will get approved, one way or another. Thanks so much for all your patience!

OK, I think the comment mess is fixed! Now we have an even nicer system for approving or cancelling comments, I just need to do a few more customizations to make it really beautiful.

Major props to Scott who wrote this plug-in and spent a lot of time making sure it worked for us.


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