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Tonight, as the results come in, please readers, come one come all to post on this thread to update everyone on what is happening around the county and comment on how the preliminary results look.

I will go over to Carrboro Town hall at 7:30 to get the preliminary results from the Town Hall precinct and will post them here. Likewise anyone with preliminary numbers from other precincts please post those numbers here (Orange County Commissioner and OC School Board numbers only, please).

This should be fun if a couple of us do it. Blogging is the future of media and we should be able to scoop the newspapers with the commentary and anecdotal data on So join the fray . . .



As long as we're talking about moving precincts closer to campus, let's talk about moving precincts on-campus. Or better yet, let's make campus one precinct.

Wouldn't having campus as a precinct pose a problem when Moeser has his buddies, after losing their patience fighting the town over UNC/North, make UNC a sovereign entity ;-)?

Matt and Eleanor,

Oh come on about a UNC precinct! If a student can't walk

over to Morehead planeterium any time during the two

weeks that precede an election and spend five minutes voting,

it's simply not important to him or her. I know that Matt

would like a polling place in the Pit, but that's not reality.

Besides, Morehead Planeterium is far closer to UNC

students daily lives than most town polling sites are to

those of other town citizens. I, like many of my friends

and on-campus colleagues, vote at the planeterium because it's

more convenient than (in my case) to go to the FPG school.

Since the absentee (early) vote counts aren't broken down by district, the district vote counts are not totally reflective of participation. Curiously, both Brown and Carey got 7-8% of their votes from absentee ballots, while Foushee/Hemminger got only 5.5% of the absentee vote (each). Jack Lamb benefitted most: 11% of his total vote came from the absentee ballots.

Our family hosts a South African student. He has probably followed this election more than most Chapel Hill residents. He goes to NCCU and has been active on the "get out the vote" drive there. I steered him to the turnout figures and he was astounded. He brought up a good question--do we know what the relative turnout is of African American voters versus other ethnic groups? He reminded me of how his parents stood in line for 3 DAYS in South Africa to vote in 1994. I wish some of our registered voters could have spoken to him before blowing off this opportunity.

More people would vote at least 70% of the time if they didn't have to go past their driveway to do it!

Eleanor, I didn't mean to be dismissive of Carol Woods, it's just they're voting turnout is almost a 'given'.

As far as Country Club and Mason Farm, even when the students are here the turnout is lousy. During the last election I went by Mason Farm and hung out for about an hour - only one person voted! Moving the precincts closer to campus might improve turnout (like voting at the end of your driveway would).

In Switzerland, everyone gets the ballot by mail in advance. I'm for that. (Think of the cost savings in time & gas.)

I agree that walking to where you'vre voting certainly helps, but I think that generation still values the importance and privilege of voting and would still have had a high turnout under different circumstances. If only they could share that understanding with others...

I agree that walking to where you'vre voting certainly helps, but I think that generation still values the importance and privilege of voting and would still have had a high turnout under different circumstances. If only they could share that understanding with others...

I think these results are indicative of good campaigning. In North Carolina, more often than not, issues don't decide elections.

Each did a better job getting out their constituients than Margaret Brow or Pam Hemminger.

How one gets one 's constituents out to vote has everyting to do with how well a candidate defines and vocalize their message about a series of significant issues.

After that, it is hard work, long hours, dedication, and good process.

I think that Pam did an OUTSTANDING job for having never participated in a general election. I strongly recommend that Pam should consider more forays into public office.

I wish, Jay! Actually none of the candidates I voted for did anything to ask for my support. I didn't even get mail from any candidates, except the ubiquitous Margaret mailings. But Val and Moses were also endorsed by the Breakfast Club, so maybe we can give them the credit. ;-}

The one candidate I actively worked for this year was Barry Jacobs. Thanks for posting the Caswell numbers, Tom. When I saw how narrowly Barry was leading in Orange, I was afraid Caswell might turn out that bad. I drove through Yanceyville last week and there were Faison signs everywhere. It's a great consolation to me that as a result of his loss, we get to keep him as our county commissioner.

The election board was on the mark - 22 % voted.

It's disappointing and downright embarassing that 2 precincts had less than 5% show up to vote.

Mason Farm 2.83% 58 voters

Country Club 3.34% 77 voters

And a total of 6 precincts were 10% and below.

Even with it being July, is a damn shame more do not care enough to vote.

And the winner is ..... Cedar Grove .... nearly %33 turnout.

Hard to believe you could celebrate that as a success.

SD, those two are precincts full of dormitories. Granted, students have a lousy voting record in recent years. But how many people even live on campus in the summer? (Another reason having the primary in July sucks.)

Lest we overlook the 70.58% turnout at Carol Woods Retirement Community...

I guess Ruby's endorsement just became the most important one in town :)

Interesting school board race was 1,2 finish of tax me please, and don't you dare tax me...

Since seems to be offline ;-)!

July 20, 2004 UNOFFICIAL Election Results

Dem - County Commissioner, District 1

Patrick Barnes 4,066 54% Ernest H. Dark, Jr. 3,599 39%

Uva Holland 2,093 28% Holly Duncan 5,533 61%

Ron Singleton 1,303 17%

Dem - County Commissioner

Mike Cross 3,835 52% Yes 748 63%

Barry R. Gray 1,175 16% No 448 37%

Mary Wallace 2,434 33%

Looks like Orange County's southern flank has some strong, progressive protection!

Busted punditry, part 2--Pass the crow, please.-Holy Cow!--Didn't see that one coming (Barry's shellacing in Caswell)! Thought he might run behind, but nothing so gory as this! Guess Barry got buried under a pile of cash. Besides that, I wonder what else went sour. I suppose that about wraps it up, then, eh, gang?

Cheers (sort of),and my sincerest condolences to Barry and Robin,



I'm seeing that Jacobs is beating Faison in Orange County, but how is he doing outside of Orange County?

An explanation? I spoke with some of the nomerger people last Saturday at the Planetarium. They had the sense that Lamb's low-tax candidacy might hurt Brown's rural support.

Looks like suburban precincts were more likely to support "anti-merger" candidates.

Duncan, check the M. Brown thread for the answer to your question.

Here are the Caswell County numbers in the Barry Jacobs race. Unfortunately it appears he is going to lose:

Bill Faison DEM 2,098 74%

Barry Jacobs DEM 617 22%

Duke Underwood DEM 72 3%

Joel F. Knight II DEM 49 2%

So it looks like one merger and one anti-merger candidate is going to win. What kind of mandate does this send???

Ah, the punctured power of punditry! We now have a scenario 4).Now that Barry's on his way to Jones Street, and Margaret appears on her way back to the farm, what say ye about the jockeying and politicking that will begin...3...2...1...NOW! to fill the vacancy when the new Board is seated? Curiouser and curiouser. Let the games begin!



OK, you heard it here first. With 42 of 44 precincts reporting, I'm calling it for Foushee and Carey.

Fascinating. This was not one of the three possibilities on the the "What Will It Mean" thread. There doesn't seem to be a mandate on merger in these results, nor does there seem to be a backlash against a It appears there's been a referendum on Margaret Brown. I wouldn't have predicted that, based on the way the election unfolded and the issues that were on the table. What's the issue that's sinking her? Whatever it was, it wasn't immediately apparent during the campaign, at least to me.


The Estes Hills number for Hemminger looks like it might be a typo, and 100-150 votes short for her.

30 of 44 precincts:

Foushee 4778

Carey 4548

Brown 4310

Hemminger 3716

Paul Carrington just won against Bob Atwater in the legislative primary for southern Durham and Orange County, according to WCHL.

County commission:

37 of 44 precincts

Votes Percent

MARGARET W. BROWN 5291 23.69%

MOSES CAREY, JR. 5517 24.70%


PAM HEMMINGER 4689 20.99%

JACK LAMB 1091 4.88%

39 of 44 precincts reporting:

Votes Percent

MARGARET W. BROWN 5641 23.35%

MOSES CAREY, JR. 5896 24.40%


PAM HEMMINGER 5247 21.72%

JACK LAMB 1174 4.86%

26 of 44 precincts:

Foushee 4182

Carey 3949

Brown 3808

Hemminger 3227

Booker Creek

Brown 95

Foushee 128

Hemminger 116

Carey 73

Lamb 18

Cedar Falls:





Cedar Falls

Foushee 235

Hemminger 222

Carey 69

Brown 70

Lamb 9

Thanks posters. It is 8:05 and I have not seen anything on the Orange Co Board of Elections site!!

5 precincts reporting (acccording to WCHL):

Foushee 1515

Carey 1378

Hemminger 1328

Brown 1241

In the county...

Barry Jacobs 456

Faison 296


Look more closely at the Orange County site. Look under the "Results" icon.


With 14 of 44 precints reporting, we've got:

Foushee 2625

Carey 2286

Brown 2226

Hemminger 2055

19 of 44 precints reporting...

Foushee 3244

Carey 2909

Brown 2725

Hemminger 2444

22 of 44 precincts

Foushee 3459

Carey 3245

Brown 3065

Hemminger 2588

Town Hall Precinct

Margaret Brown 120

Moses Carey 118

Valerie Foushee 82

Pam Hemminger 45

Jack Lamb 3

Great idea, Mark. Donna and I will be at my house listening to WCHL and trying to call some folks to get the scoop on what happens. The polls just closed so we'll be posting as we get more info on local and even some state primaries.

Heres the skinny in OWASA:







Orange County, North Carolina

July 20, 2004 - Primary Election Results


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