Radio Free Orange

OK, well almost. WCOM is on the air, but without any programming yet. I think this could be a great asset to our community, but there's a lot of work to be done if it's going to happen. And so far the organization is unproven.

What kind of programming would y'all like to hear on WCOM? Some people have suggested some kind of OrangePolitics talk show where we would discuss the latest issues that are on the website and interview local public figures. What do you think?



It would take a couple really special people to have a local politics talk show and try to keep it from spiraling downward.

Will this be competing with WCHL or entirely different?

How about "The OP", a weekly summation/discussion/debate of issues raised on the OP ;-)!

Great IDEA!

The cool thing is, even though WCOM's FM license only allows for small coverage, rebroadcasting it online could make it International! Local ideas and voices shared Globally.

I hope everyone will get involved somehow.

I just hope that if there is a political talk show on the station that some sort of time limit is considered for talking about school merger.


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