N.C. Blog Gathering

A few folks in Greensboro are putting together an informal gathering to discuss political blogging in North Carolina. They have got local elected officials and prominent bloggers attending from at least Guilford and Orange Counties, we will probably see folks from Wake County and other central parts of the state as well.

It is being modelled on the BloggerCon gatherings that have challenged traditional conference formats. I think the Piedmont Blog Conference should be interesting to anyone who enjoys reading or writing blogs. Y'all come!

What: Discussion of weblogs and politics, weblogs and media, weblogs and...

When: Saturday, August 28, 2004, 9 AM

Where: 620 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC

Who: Candidates, bloggers, media, readers...moderators include Matt Gross, Ruby Sinreich, David Hoggard, and Ed Cone

How much: Free

Ed Cone efcone@mindspring.com 336 378 2516
David Hoggard dhoggard@triad.rr.com

More information (including a list of confirmed attendees) is available at EdCone.com.


Thanks Ruby! And what a great body of work you have done! I look forward to discussing the vast world o' topics with you and the local blognoscenti.


Hope you don't mind if a Charlottean joins in your discussion. I do have historical connections to the Triangle and environs, as my father's side hailed from Chatham and Wake Counties, and he did his cypherin' at Chapel Hill...although he redirected me to Kerry Country for my own weak attempts at the cyphering trade. (Turns out it was to be cyberin' instead...but what can ya do?)

We are not all suits here in Charlotte, although downtown is pretty much that way. There is an active political and music/art substratum here which has much to offer the known universe, which is, I suspect, Gastonia.

Look forward to a lively and illuminating discussion!


Of course, all are welcome! As Ed Cone wrote: "Greensboro is the location of the conference; bloggers from around the globe are welcome at the conference."

I shold have mentioned that our own Town Council Member Sally Greene will be attending, and I'm working on someone from Carrboro.

please note change of address -- we outgrew the original site -- now held at Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro...

details and directions here:

You should definitely invite the author of this blog:



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