A Birthday Gift

Today's Daily Tarheel has a very nice article about last Friday's birthday party. Thanks again to all who attended!

There are two small changes to the site starting today. One is the Election Coutdown. (Right now it is counting down the number of days left to register, then it will count days until the election.) Also, I have beefed up the About Us page, with links to more information about OP.

And now I am pleased to offer a birthday gift to you, dear readers. (Although you have to pay for it.) I would like to announce OrangePolitics' first foray into crass commercialism! At the new OP Store, you can buy a variety of goodies, such as t-shirts, bumperstickers, bags, and coffee mugs to help spread the word about the site. One dollar from each sale will go to support the site (the rest goes to the folks that make the stuff).

Please check it out. Got a better slogan? Want a wider variety of shirts? Let us know what you think by posting your comments here.

bumpersticker   OP t-shirt   OP tote bag   OP t-shirt   OP messenger bag   OP hat


Ruby's gonna clobber me, but I forgot to mention the OP online store at the close of this week's Shooting the Breeze (WCHL 1360 on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.). Otherwise, we had a great visit with the mother of OrangePolitics.org and look forward to her return.

Congrats again on getting this life force to its toddlerhood. May you sell a million coffee cups and paint the town Orange with OP T-Shirts.

Slogan idea: "The Other Orange County."


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