Carrboro Knows the Importance of Bread and Circuses

19 Venues
130 Acts
11 Hours

The Carrboro Music Festival is today! Why would you want to be anywhere else?

It's been going on now for seven years. It's changed its name and place on the calendar, but is still one of the most delightful and most anticipated events of the year.
See you there!



Well, if you were working (or shopping) in the plant nursery at Southern States you got exposed to the Fitch Lumber acts--whether you wanted to be or NOT. Music was so loud we had to either:
A) Shout at the top of our lungs or
B) Have customers come into the "Garden Hut" so they could hear us.

By the end ofthe day, most of the nursery staff had headaches.

As did the people who ignored our warnings that we LOCK THE LOT at 5:00 PM. I know at least one person's car was locked in for the night...


I, at least, am hoping that NEXT YEAR Fitch is the bluegrass or jazz venue.

Oh well, at least THIS year no one was using foul language....

melanie/have CLEARLY crossed the lineinto old fogey-dom


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