Ruby Gets Another Award

Listen to WCHL today. Today's Village Pride Award Winner is our very own Ruby Sinreich. Although she is worthy of note in our community for many reasons, her nomination was made in honor of the's first anniversary.

Congratulations Ruby!


The number of long overdue accolades handed to Ruby has become quite a list, for such a short amount of time. I predict it will only get longer. I am very very proud of her. :-)

* 9/16/04 - WCHL just gave Ruby the Village Pride Award
* 9/16/04 - BBC Newshour just read an E-mail of Ruby's on the air
* 9/10/04 - Chapel Hill News did a Our Town feature on Ruby and
* 4/24/04 - The Indy Weekly give OP and Ruby a Best Of award

And the hits keep coming! Congrats, Ruby!


Congratulations Ruby, and thank you. You have done an amazing job of bringing issues to the forefront for discussion, providing guidelines for expressing viewpoints in a respectful way and keeping the threads on topic, especially through the times there was a tendency to merge everything ;-)

And visitors and friends of the site, a way to express congratulations, thanks, or happy birthday to the website is -

Brian, "overdue" is the right word! Ruby's activism goes back 15 years in Chapel Hill! Yay, Ruby!

Last Sunday was the Village Prides Awards Luncheon. Ruby reports on it in some detail on her personal blog including some meditation on the values of the village in question. Congratulations again to Ruby.

She just can't help herself! Ruby has been named the Public Allies North Carolina Change-Maker for 2005. Public Allies is an AmeriCorps program to encourage young people to be active in their communities. Ruby was a Public Ally way back in 1995, and is a real poster child for the prgoram.

Here's what Public Allies wrote about her in brief:
"Change-Maker Profile: Ruby Sinreich, North Carolina '95
Since apprenticing at The Women's Center as part of the Public Allies North Carolina class of 1995, Ruby Sinreich has been training community leaders to use the internet to mobilize for social action. In 2003 she founded to enable Orange County, North Carolina, residents to discuss progressive politics. "

Congratulations, Ruby! Well deserved as always.

Thanks Mark! It's really nice to have such a long and deep relationship with Public Allies, over the last decade we have both watched each other grow.

If folks are interested in learning more about the award and the other winners around the country, see

There was a nice article about Ruby's award from Public Allies in the Chapel Hill News today:

Your contribution to this town and to the burgeoning world of political blogging is immeasurable. Congratulations, Ruby!

Check out Ruby on South by Southwest:

She's on the left (of course) about half way down the page.

Congrats, Ruby!! You enrich the political life of this community in lots of ways, this website not the least of them.


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