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According to their newsletter, WCOM is having an open house on Sunday for visitors to tour the new station. They don't say when, but I bet any time after brunch at Weaver Street until dark is fair game.

Visit the Studio on Sunday for an informal open house/ studio tour: Jacques and his hardy band of volunteers have been working furiously to get the new studio completed, and we plan to move furniture and equipment in starting tomorrow. We'll be in there all weekend plugging in wires, testing, and getting ready for real programming to begin. All critical studio hardware has been received, and we could really be "live" on the air VERY SOON. Thanks to everyone who has helped pull this together- it's a great testament to what a community can do when we get behind a worthwhile cause.



(I'm not affiliated with this group, but the announcement came from the Action Coalition for Media Education, a group I am loosely affiliated with but very supportive of)
Hello Supporters of Low Power FM and Community Radio, and Greetings from the Prometheus Radio Project!

We're writing this note to let you know about a great opportunity to expand Low Power FM -- and to encourage you to act on it now, before time runs out. We need you to file comments at the FCC before -December 1st-, and tell the Commission how much LPFM means to you.

The FCC is collecting comments from organizations and community members,
trying to find out how their local broadcasters are impacting them.
Some organizations, like the Educational Media Foundation, are filing comments -against- Low Power FM radio! They want their sattelite-fed,
non-local translators to take precedence over our community-run,
volunteer-driven stations.

Tell the FCC that your LPFM stations, and thousands more like it around
the country, are the kind of local media that America needs most. Go to to file a brief comment today!

Thanks for fighting for real community radio, The Organizers at Prometheus Radio Project

I'm looking forward to hearing (and participating in) WCOM's programming. If I'm not listening to Air America I'm usually listening to community radio stations on line.

Hopefully at some point, WCOM can get a webstream (or, at least, archive shows) so we can share our local talent with the world.

I think the reason satellite radio has taken off is:

1) it has much better variety than radio


2) Most local radio stations sound so generic and non-local anyway, so why not get better sound with a dish?

But then, most of us read both local papers 'and' national news magazines. Local radio doesn't have to die because of satellite radio. It just has to become more locally relevant.

I just went to the FCC site and filed a supporting comment, and whoa...our government tax dollars in action. You'll need to follow the instructions carefully. It's like requisitioning a new cot in the army. Don't forget to enter the 04-233! Sheesh. But I hope it helps.


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