Art & music this weekend

So much to do, so little time...

Opening reception to benefit UNC Horizons at Community Realty. 5:00pm to 8:00pm.
"Get your Vote On" free concert on top of the Rosemary Street parking deck. Sponsored by the Orange County Democratic Party and featuring local elected officials in between musical acts. 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

Indy Music Awards with shows at four venues around Carrboro. 6:00pm to midnight.

Festifall from 1:00pm to 6:00pm on the west end of Franklin Street.

Plus, WCOM is finally on the air! (Although I can't seem to pick it up at my house, less than a mile from the transmitter.)



The movie 'The Corporation' opens in the triangle tonight at the Carolina (durham), Chelsea (chapel hill), and the colony (raleigh).

Plot Outline (from IMDB): Documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance.


Movie description:


And More To Come Next Weekend:

Next Sunday, Oct. 10

A Concert for Change--Here's the skinny!


Fr: Alex Zaffron, David Chung

Re: A Concert for the Final Push to Beat Bush: to benefit MoveOnPAC

Where: Fuse (formerly Henry's Bistro), 403 W. Rosemary st. Chapel Hill

When: Sun. Oct. 10, 6pm-1am

Admission: (suggested contribution,$10)

Contacts: Alex Zaffron, Carrboro Alderman, 360-8048; David Chung, Owner, Fuse, 942-9242

Description:On Sunday, Oct. 10, local musicians will present the Jam For Change: a concert to benefit MoveOnPAC's national effort to return responsible leadership to the White House and Congress at The Fuse restaurant and club from 6pm-1am. The event, Organized by Fuse owner Dave Chung, and Carrboro Alderman Alex Zaffron will present a virtual who's who of the Carrboro-Chapel Hill music scene.

Scheduled to appear are:
7:00 Chris Girard & Ryan Richardson
7:30 Shallow Be Thy Name
8:00 Mowing Lawns
8:45 Boner Machine (tentative)
9:15 Devilfish (Paul Finn)
9:45 Strugglers solo set
10:30 Open Slot
11:00 Bellafea
11:30 My Dear Ella
12:00 Open Slot
12:30 Dan Hall and Alex Bowers

and others. Said Alex Zaffron, "people in the Music and Arts communities have been expressing great alarm at the direction this administration has taken our country--mindless militarism, combined with hostility to freedom of expression have led many to wonder how they can contibute to the campaign for change. So Dave and I thought that bringing voters and performers together in this show would be an ideal w ay to help in the effort to bring change this November". For more Info, contact David Chung at 942-9242, or Alex Zaffron at 360-8048.

Imagine my suprise when about 135 minutes into The Corporation, who should turn up on the screen at a speech but our own former Chapel Hill Town Council Member Pat Evans! Pat was among hundreds attending a speech on corporate responsibility at NCSU by Ray Anderson (CEO of the world's largest carpet manufacturer). Ray describes himself as a "plunderer" for taking resources from the earth and giving back nothing but pollution. His company, Interface Inc., has now pledged to become completely sutainable by 2020.

I wonder how Pat enjoyed the speech? Was her husband (former dean of the UNC business school) there?

No s..t!

As an aside, some interesting people-watching as all the local big whoozits schmooze here at the Artscenter for Ken Broun's birthday--Chilton included.
(I'm here working for a living).

Cheers, Alex


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