Two free events this weekend that readers want you to know about: the Really Really Free Market on Saturday in Carrboro, and 'artist-activist' Alix Olsen on campus Friday night.

From Vinci Daro:

In case you haven't heard, the Really Really Free Market is this Saturday, Oct 30th from 1-5 in the Carrboro Town Commons, after the Farmers Market. It will be fun fun fun; please spread the word and bring your friends, something or someskill or someservice or somemusic or somestories to share, or just come and get something for free... Press release below.

The website has been updated, with directions and a downloadable flyer:

(Saturday is also the last day of early voting in Orange County, and the polling place (for those registered in Orange Co.) is right next to the Town Commons, open till 5.)

From Theresa Champion:

Alix Olson is playing tomorrow night at Gerrard Hall on UNC's campus on Friday, October 29th. Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:00. The performance is free and open to the public.

Descriptions of Alix Olson (as taken from her website)...
Alix Olson is a nationally touring folk poet and progressive queer artist-activist. One part peace vigil, one part protest rally, and one part joyful raucous concert, Alix ignites audiences everywhere she performs. Above all, Alix Olson is undaunted by being labeled as "controversial." "I think any artist who confronts the status quo will be targeted as 'controversial'. We will also be called 'angry,' 'aggressive,' 'loud,' or at best, 'idealistic,' so that we are discounted, backed into a corner, and our power is deflated. But I have never been intimidated by words, because they've always been on my side."



Some people are meeting up at Pepper's Pizza at 6:30 to grab some dinner before the Alix Olson show. Please feel free to join us...I'm wearing the light-med blue long sleeve t-shirt.


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