Hillsborough Planning Board

Arglebargle or fuferau?

There's something more to the story of Kelly Hopper being kicked off the Hillsborough Planning Board than meets the eye. Admittedly she skipped a lot of meetings, but it sounds like there is more at work in this decision than that.

Anyone want to let us in on the big secret?



Seems like missing 43% of the meetings is reason enough not to be re-appointed - - - after all, she was not removed from the committee; she was not re-appointed to a committee she barely showed up to more than 50% of the time. There are a number of people who want to serve actively on these types of volunteer committees, and are unable to do so due to vacancy limitations. Even though service on such committees is "voluntary," one still has a responsibility to be active.

But of course, Moses Carey missed more than 20% of County Commission meetings in 2003, so who's to quibble with poor attendance. As an unaffiliated voter, I'm casting my County Commissioner votes for Val Foushee and one of the non-Carey candidates, in what SHOULD be a non-partisan County Commission election. Not sure which candidate yet.

I agree with the first part of Bobby's statement. As a member and sometimes officer of many boards, anyone not attending at least 80% of the meetings (not to mention 60%) is not fully contributing. That's not fair to their fellow board members. And it's also not fair to the community to leave the seat virtually empty when other volunteers would like the opportunity to serve.

Is there something else going on here that I don't know about? I read both articles, and I just don't get what's controversial about this.

I agree with you, Ruby. Missing 43% of meetings is pretty bad, but I just wondered what ELSE is going on in this situation.

Several people are quoted in the articles linked above saying that this was "personal." And some of the people who voted to kick her off turned right around and said that they did not need a specific attendance policy.

So it seems like something more is going on here. I was just wondering what it is.

I would agree that some sort of set of expectations for these committees would be good - - - attendance would be one area to cover, and such an approach would allow for consistency across all such appointed advisory committees.

Personally, I think there should be "term limits" for folks on these committees as well.


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