Plans for Tuesday

I know a lot of you will be volunteering in various electoral capacities on Tuesday, we'll have an open thread for you to post your reports of what's going on around town. We'll also post any news updates we get from the local Board of Elections there. That thread will open along with the polling places at 6:30 am.

And after the polls close (7:30 pm) The Town of Carrboro has invited us to come watch the returns. As usual, Carrboro is the place to be!

Area residents are encouraged to come downtown to watch election returns starting at 7:30pm. Carrboro restaurants and bars will be offering various drink and food specials. As of press time participating restaurants and bars include the Orange County Social Club, Acme Food and Beverage, Tyler's, and The Spotted Dog. In addition to drink and food specials, these establishments will all provide TV coverage of election returns.


As I said to Ron on the Open Election Thread ( ), WCHL is welcome to visit Carrboro to get a different perspective on the returns.

Personally, giving my money Scott Maitland at Top of the Hill ( ) would feel like a decidely unpatriotic way to celebrate democracy. That's about the last place you'll find me on election night.

WCHL would also like to invite you to join us at Top of the Hill, beginning at 7:00.
We'll be talking with local candidates throughout the night, and we'll be airing reports from Air America, CBS and NCNN.
We'll also be getting reactions from the local citizens who are at Top of the Hill and hope that you will be there to participate!

Ruby, I get the sense you might be wishing Scott a little woe.

Not a bit, Ed. I don't wish woe on anyone, even George Bush!

I just don't think it would be much fun celebrating a progressive victory with folks who don't share those values.

Good for you. I myself can't help wish more than a little woe on Osama Bin Laden. Gandhi wouldn't, but my character is not that strong.

Where is Carrboro to hang?


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